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Catholic dating has certain advantages because there's always someone by your side that you can trust: a priest, a nun, or any other experienced catholic family man or woman. Single Catholic Dating in 2020 Is a Challenge. There's nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable about Catholic dating. Marie Osmond insists she 'wasn't a nun' in her heyday — and that she's still somewhat scarred by body shaming she suffered when she was young. 'I dated a lot of people and never really ... The development has been dating the cast details of the series with an intention to engage the audience towards the series. It’s said that development approached many artists in the industry before settling down and starting the shooting progress of Warrior Nun Season 1. As Live Science describes, in August 1676, the 31-year-old nun was discovered in her cell at Sicily's Palma di Montechiaro convent with an ink-stained face and an unintelligible letter. Sister Maria encoded her message in a mysterious assortment of symbols and said the Devil made her do it in order to force her to forsake Jesus. Our 10 Best Catholic Dating Sites — chosen for their large user bases, helpful features, popularity, and more — can show you the way and enlighten your dating decisions. 1. . BEST OF With more than 13.5 million visits a month, has the largest concentration of Catholic singles of any dating site. Match’s mandate is to ... Dating have taken vows of seclusion, sisters are the forums that you see in habit at the airport and try not to freak out around. In the Dominicans, at least. My dating works for a Catholic non-profit and went to a retreat at a convent. He said the nuns drink a lot. The ones I knew drank a lot of tea. Brother Picks Up Drunk Sister HD. This brother drove to pick up his sister after she went out for a night of drinking. Right when she came in, he knew he was up for an interesting ride. He says the nun was afraid of getting pregnant but didn't like the idea of breaking the Catholic Church’s ban on birth control. “It was a difficult relationship, to say the least,” Ricci ... Nun Ya Biznass's best FREE dating site! 100% Free Online Dating for Nun Ya Biznass Singles at Our free personal ads are full of single women and men in Nun Ya Biznass looking for serious relationships, a little online flirtation, or new friends to go out with. Start meeting singles in Nun Ya Biznass today with our free online personals and free Nun Ya Biznass chat! is the Finest Global Dating Website In The World. Connect With Local Singles And Start Your Online Dating Adventure! Enjoy Worldwide Dating with Thrilling Online Chats And More!

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2020.09.23 09:20 A-friendly-fellow WASTELAND 2 CALIFORNIA GAMEPLAN

Before we start, here's a quick summary of my team.
First is Caleb, the leader. He is a tank that (with varying degrees of success) takes all the hits and packs a wallop if he manages to land a hit, having a strength of 7, 375 CON and has the Heavy Handed trait. He has Leadership of 6 and, unfortunately, only 5 in Blunt and Heavy Weapons. He has perks that increase his bullet sponge effectiveness such as Weathered and Healthy as well as the Leadership debuffs Taunt and Enrage. Not Hardened though. Probably should get that.
The second is Ahusaka, the medic and also a gunslinger, not doing much damage but firing off many rounds during a, well, a round. At least that was the idea, it didn't work out very well. Extremely accurate with a coordination of 9 as well as the Mysophobic trait to boost his healing capabilities. Honestly, this was probably a mistake to put on a pistol user. He has a full 10 in Pistol and all the perks within that tree, same goes for the Field Medic perks, the skill being only at 7.
Next is Hisa, the thief with perhaps too many responsibilities. In combat she is so fast she's disappeared over the horizon before the others have even reached the door. This is in part due to her 7 speed and the Twitchy trait. She has only 241 CON but can hardly be hit with an evasion of... 10%. Which is more than Ralphy at 11% with 278 CON. With so many skills to keep up, with Lockpicking, Safecracking, Smart-Ass and it would've been Alarm Disarming if Rose didn't come along, her blade skill even reaching 7 is miraculous. It's unfortunate that there isn't many perks that increase evasion. Oh, except for the tree that she would've gone down if it wasn't for Rose. So, so annoying. Well, she has Turtle so that's something. I might consider getting Limber. I didn't realise crouching raises evasion even if you're not in cover.
Finally, my main damage dealer, Jessica. Her 7 Awareness means she's almost guaranteed to go first, until recently anyway, and her 8 Coordination and 9 in Sniper Rifle skill means she's almost guaranteed to hit. For now anyway. The Brittle Bones trait did not give her the option to shoot three times at the beginning like I had hoped but the decrease in speed isn't really an issue since she doesn't move. Until recently anyway. She also has Demolitions skill of 8 and some of the perks within so she chucks in some grenades from time to time.
For the extra companions...
I have Rose with maxed out Energy Weapons and Surgeon skill, currently on 5 in Weapon Crafting. Her perks are suited mainly for robot enemies. Even though she has Overload and Atomise she does nothing more than give little electric shocks to her foes.
Ralphy and his godawful voice acting with 7 in all three of his skills, Brawling most importantly, with every Brawling perk available at that level. He's a powerhouse with his fists by the way, when he lands a crit at least.
For the final companion I replaced Scotchmo with Brother Thomas. He hasn't been in my party for long so he hasn't been altered in any way. “Finally, someone who can deal decent damage” I said, and then he proceeded to get mowed down immediately in the next two fights we've been in. *Sigh* I miss Angela.
Now. Moving on.
I've got to the point of the game where my team of 4, plus three others, were sweeping entire settlements with relative ease. My team's main damage dealer among my four main cast, the absolutely unstoppable Jessica the Teenage Sniper, could mow down hundreds on their own with little assistance needed from the other members. We were on top of the world, until two things happened. First, I lost Angela, who, along with Jessica, was the one who carried the team when it came to combat. Second, I moved to California.
My confidence was mercilessly dashed the moment my team stepped from the burning helicopter and was shortly mauled by a bunch of dogs and badgers. We struggled through it but it was clear then there was an unprecedented difficulty spike before us. I thought it might be doable once we got our hands on better weapons and... well, that was half-right. The Leather Jerks were doable as long as we took them on one at a time but the final boss was unbelievably rough.
As of writing this my team is limping away from Santa Monica after yet another brutal battle consisting of being two-shot by killer nuns with Rose and my gunslinger medic Ahusaka burning through their medkits and trauma kits desperately trying to keep everyone's heads above the rapids. This fight proceeded an impossible battle in the brothel that I was only able to win by using an RPG I bought form Pistol Pete. We are barely scraping by every encounter in the game up to this point, even the random ones; and when I encounter a CotD squad that's an almost guaranteed reload. It's become clear to me at this point that I need to drastically change up the way I play if I even have a chance in the fights to come, so I'm writing up a gameplan before I go any further and sharing it with you for... clout I guess? I don't know, maybe this can help someone or at least entertain them for a while.
So. After settling at the campfire with bandages and stitches on nearly every inch of the team's likely very scarred bodies at this point, Caleb, the team's leader, calls a meeting. I'm going to go over the flaws that I've identified and see if I can figure out how to address them.
Flaw One: Two many skills, not enough points.
I jumped into Wasteland completely blind, not knowing anything about how to build characters properly. I thought it was a Might and Magic situation where you were stuck with the characters you didn't realise that there were characters you could recruit. As a result, and because of my incessant need to experience every avenue of an RPG, complete every side quest, open every locked chest and door, repair every toaster and ensure there is not a single dot of fog of war seen on any map, I distributed my points to cover every single skill on the list. This has resulted in a lot of wasted points in skills that are never used. Ahusaka has points in surgeon and assault rifles, but then I got Rose and Angela. Caleb had Brute Force which became redundant since we had the Deth Machine. This would be fine, and it was pre-LA, but I also severely underestimated the importance of intelligence. If I were to start from the beginning, and I'd really prefer to not do that, I'd give Hisa, my “thief” member, a lot less coordination and a lot more intelligence since she covers the most amount of skills. Now it takes, like, five levels just to get enough to raise one skill and I have to choose between smart-ass, safecracking, lockpicking or blades, and so all are not nearly at the level they should be, especially blades at seven. This means pretty much every skill check has a 26% chance, maybe 63% if we're lucky, if it's not just impossible; and forget the brute force checks. Caleb is trying his hardest but he can't keep up.
But that's all more or less minor, right? If it gets bad enough then I can Just keep bumbling around looking for fights until we've get enough levels to get the skills to acceptable numbers. That's probably the best way to address this.
I suspect that this point in the game the main combat skills should be at or near ten. As of writing this only two members are at ten. Ahusaka's pistol and Rose's energy weapons. The weakest guns in terms of damage. Great. Jessica is at nine in sniper rifles so that's good but my melee lads are seriously lagging behind. Hisa and Ralphy is 7 in blade and brawl respectively which is pretty bad but poor Caleb is at freaking FIVE in blunt weapons. Yeesh. So first order of business is get the melee skills to respectable levels and maybe stop wasting Caleb's points into heavy weapons since I barely ever use it.
Flaw Two: My builds don't work.
Hisa, as well as being the thief, specialises in blades. Her deal is that she doesn't have much hitpoints and doesn't hit hard but she is fast. She zips behind enemy lines and takes out the weaker but heavy-hitting enemies and dodges fire with her crazy-high evasion. She has a speed of seven with Twitchy so my girl can travel stupid far in one turn and still get off an attack. Then there's Caleb, who is the complete opposite. He is slow and typically starts his turn dead last but he can tank a lot of hits. His role is the bullet sponge, soaking up hits while the rest take them out. The problem is their weaknesses far exceed their strengths. Hisa is just way too flimsy that she gets taken out in three shots by those goddamn gunslingers! And due to how the AI seems to work, that being enemies attack the one who attacked them first, when Caleb walks out and does a “come at me bro” gesture, they completely ignore him, run straight past him and make a beeline for Jessica, who almost always attacks first because, well, she's the sniper, and because Caleb can only move about six tiles he can't catch up to them to protect her. Because of how slow he is it was rare that he manages to actually attack something back in AZ before the fight is finished. He's more like a giant cheerleader with his leadership buffs rather than contributing to the fight directly. Well, it's something.
Since then I've put some points into speed to mitigate that somewhat, bringing his speed up to three, but I wonder if that was the right move. As well as being one that can take hits, he was supposed to dish them out tenfold. With a strength of seven and with Heavy Handed, he's very inaccurate but on the occasions he does land a hit the opponent is in a world of hurt. Only he doesn't really hit all that hard. Maybe those two points in speed should've gone into strength. Oh well, can't be helped. I have tried having Caleb initiate the fight instead of Jessica so he's in range and can actually draw some fire but that usually ends up with me being seen first, which leads to arguably my most devastating weakness...
Flaw Three: The enemy always goes first.
If I had to pick the worst part of Wasteland, In pretty much every single battle I've been in, including AZ, If I didn't initiate the battle then I was in deep trouble. Every enemy goes first if they so much as catch a glimpse of you, even if you charge at them with a melee weapon. The game roots you in the spot as the enemy riddles you with bullets and descends down on you with their swords and mallets and what have you. As such it makes positioning pretty much impossible. What I wouldn't give for a pause feature.
But regardless of that, combat initiative is the bane of my current predicament. Beforehand I could just squeak by because I could go first if I initiate the fight, thus Jessica would be able to fire off two good shots at the beginning. This is no longer the case. No matter what I do the enemy always go first.
To counteract this I have two options before me. Either raise initiative across all my teammates or make it so I can weather the hits.
Flaw Four: Equipment leaves much to be desired.
I am fully up to date with my weapons, nothing wrong there. No, that's not the problem.
This is something I struggle myself with in RPG's. With games like Dungeon Siege and Torchlight I get to a point where I start ignoring rings and amulets. Anything below super-ultra legendary loot immediately gets tossed to the nearest merchant. I've got enough things to keep track of to worry about tiny loops that go around your fingers. That's kind of where I'm at with Wasteland 2. Whenever I'm presented with a trinket my eyes glaze over and I convince myself “nah, I don't need that” and throw it at the nearest shop as fast as possible. Note to self: Stop doing that.
What is rather embarrassing is that I don't actually have a trinket equipped on at least three of my squadmates and even more have trinkets that boost non-combat skills. In fact I've been so bad at this Ralphy still is holding the akita figurine I gave him when I first met him. Jessica's got a White Death, which raises her chance to hit with her rifle and lowers evasion, while Hisa is sporting some stylish aviator sunglasses, also boosting her chance to hit at the cost of one awareness. That's it, nothing more. It's as if Caleb, Ahusaka and Brother Thomas has the Ascetic trait except they're without the benefits.
Next is mods. Jessica is way too close to the frey and Hisa is wasting way too many AP on every swing of her sawblade. Why? I haven't got any. I've never recovered from Angela leaving my party. In hindsight it probably wasn't a smart move to rely on her so heavily early on and I've been suffering ever since her departure. Not only was she one of two of my main damage dealers as well as opening up new passageways with the heal of her toe but she was also my weapon modder. Since then we've swapped out to the latest fashion and haven't had the means to get them to a place where they're at their best effectiveness. Good news is since Rose is such a genius she's taken up weapon crafting since there's nothing else to sink her points into. She is currently at five so not quite ready for the top quality mods but the silver lining is that, unlike trinkets, I've kept at least one or two of every mod I've come across. At least, I'm pretty confident I did.
Trawling through forums of people in similar predicaments as mine, many people have stated that, though late game enemies excel in damage they are in fact lacking in armour penetration. Folks have indicated that if you're struggling to keep your squadmates upright it probably means you need better armour. Ahusaka is wearing a tactical suit, true, but Caleb and Not Angela does have power armour and they still go down pretty quickly so I'm not entirely convinced, but maybe there are some trinkets that can boost that. But I think it's time to give Hisa some decent armour. She's being shot down way to quickly to justify that small speed loss. So on the to-do list, give everyone power armour. Luckily the one thing I'm not struggling with is scrap.
Finally, part of the reason Angela was so good is because assault rifles are really good. It might be way too late but, well, Thomas has a lot of intelligence. He'd have to be level 38 to get to 10 skill in it but... it's an option. Better than SMG anyway.
Five: Targeted shots.
There's a mechanic that I've been neglecting for the entire game. In my defence I've never needed it. I do enough damage to almost one-shot every enemy and it's simply more accurate. My aforementioned trawling has given me insight on the necessity of this mechanic. There's no reason not to. My girl Jessica is crazy accurate, she could probably headshot folks for days from the other end of the map. In fact, Ahusaka does zero damage with his pistol despite being a crack shot. His skills are being wasted on heavily armoured foes. But if his skills were utilised in a more, say, indirect approach...
With all that in mind, here is my to-do list.
Step one: Grind. No matter which way you slice it, my team is currently not up to the task. Seven in the chosen weapon is simply too low at this level and don't get me started on Caleb. My team needs some more practice and I myself need practice using the targeted shots mechanic. This is going to be rough because every fight I'm usually holding on by a thread.
Step two: Upgrade. Once Rose has a firm grasp on screwing on random bits to weapons we need to hoof it back to the Springs to pick up those mods. I should also shop around for whatever trinkets I can find in the various locations I've visited as well as pick up some power armour.
Step three: Get smart. Brute force ain't gonna cut it anymore. I need to be more tactical, specifically making use of targeted shots. I think having Jessica exclusively go for headshots while Ahusaka shoots the limbs to disarm and slow since he doesn't do much damage. Once Hisa's sawblade is upgraded she could strike torsos to lower their armour. Other than that, positioning is even more important and treat elevated ground like a precious resource.
Step four: Assault rifles. consider training Thomas in the much superior firearm, or perhaps one of my other melee lads, of which there is perhaps one too many. I actually still have an AK-97. Ahusaka has it due to having 2 in Assault Rifles. At one point he was going to be proficient in both pistols and rifles but it's kind of late for that now.
In case I screw up so badly that I have to start again, as well as a gameplan for Wasteland 3, take note of which perks are in a skill tree. The Alarm skill for instance has perks that are perfect for Hisa, with Ghost and Quick Reflexes, that I never increased above one since Rose covered that. Thief characters with many responsibilities should have intelligence as a major priority so less coordination and more intelligence for her. Also, try not to cover every skill since there will be characters that will do that for you. Lastly, don't be afraid of setting a stat to one. Dump stats are a thing after all. While I did do it for all four of my guys and gals I was hesitant to do any more than one dump stat. Honestly, Caleb is the only one who really needs decent charisma. I just don't like the implication of having a character that is low in it.
This has been my attempt to identify the problems with my current setup in an attempt to salvage what I've got. I've got a bit of work to do to prepare but we'll see how it goes.
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2020.09.23 09:07 ThatsAMoment My own questions and maybe some time wasting conversation topics

Hey, I'm a girl in my mid to late teens and I just found this subreddit. I've looked through some posts and have some questions, and I have ideas from my life experiences. Feel free to comment whatever you like about my experiences, or go about replying as if you were to help me join this community in my circumstances. Even if you want to give me tips that you personally would recommend for just life in general, in or out of this community.
My main goal is to see how people in this community in particular would go about commenting on my situation and if they have any insights from their experience in life.
I also feel like this subreddit would be a good place to get help and tips with making good and deep female friendships, since it's something I've always struggled with.
I apologise in advance if this post is deemed inappropriate for this subreddit, I do not wish to make anyone upset or feel attacked.

My Life Experiences (Feel Free To Comment Or Talk To Me About)

So, I have lived my entire life with mainly men. I live 90% of the time with my Dad, younger brother, and my Dad's godfather. I see my mother every other weekend (as decided in a very confusing court case that shouldn't have revolved around custody). My parents do not talk with one another, and neither of them were ever very well equipped to have kids.
Growing up, I've always had guy friends. I have never really connected with most of the girls/women that I have met in my life so far, and I've always been "the bro tomboy" (even though I like to be feminine, too). When it comes to girls, my experiences have tended to be negative. Lies, drama, negativity, abusiveness, and just being wack. I do have a very positive connection with girls every blue moon, but it mainly never feels true or deep. It usually feels really shallow. When it comes to guys, I've always been able to connect with them. I've almost always been able to trust them with my feelings, and they've always been able to trust me with theirs.
A lot of people in general tend to assume I am lesbian because of the way I look, how I act, or even who I hang out with. However, I think in a sub like this it is very important to mention I am also heterosexual.
I feel it also important to mention I have not dated anyone at this point in time.
At this current moment, all of my best friends are male. This wasn't through me consciously choosing, but just the way the stars seems to have been aligned. In the past I had one female best friend, however recently she came out as trans male. Even more recent, she has come out to say she is confused about her gender identity and prefers she/her at this moment. Other than her, I have never had a true female best friend.
The female "best friends" I've had in the past have turned out to be talking behind my back and disregardfull of my identity and/or values.
The rest of my lady friends are mainly casual buddies with a few good friends in the mix. There are some girls in my life that are super sweet and so nice to me, but it feels as though I can never get close to them.
My male friends, especially in my main group of homies, have always been there for me. I've cried and they've helped me. They've cried and I've helped them.
Something I struggle with is confidence in being feminine (I've never cared how masculine or feminine my friends and family have been). I like to be feminine, but it feels as though everyone, boys and girls alike, is judging me for trying to be feminine when I want to. I feel like they think I'm trying too hard, or that I'm no longer the girl they know, or that I just don't look good that way.
These are my main life points for this post

My Questions (Feel Free To Answer)

  1. For heterosexual women in this community, how do you deal and/or feel with your sexuality? --1a) Do you go celibate? --1b) Do you still think about men in sexual or romantic ways, and just choose not to act upon it?
  2. Are most women in this community raised by their mothers or motherly figures?
  3. Have most women in this community had more female than male friends growing up in the first place?
  4. Was it difficult to transition to this lifestyle?
  5. Why have you chosen to cut men out of your life?
  6. Is it right to group people by gender?
  7. How do you feel about women who don't chose to cut men out of their lives?
  8. If you had a female friend who transitioned to trans male during your friendship, would you remain friends with him? Or would you cut him out of your life since he is a man?
  9. Do women in this community ever try to cut out male made inventions?
  10. I am assuming gay men are cut out of the people in this community's lives as while. If not, why?
  11. What are the rules for gender queer, non-binary, and gender fluid people when it comes to being a part of your life?
  12. Would I be wrong to compare this lifestyle to that of a nun or priestess?
These are just a few for now, and if I'm allowed or welcomed to, I might come back sometime to ask more.
I am not trying to be condescending nor am I trying to start arguments. I am just interested in a lifestyle that I have a hard time relating to.
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2020.09.22 21:00 TheKeating5 Cryng about a sorry letter of a wrecked heart at 2am

He sent an email just now. I don’t know what to feel. I just wanted to hug him. But he’s over 11,600 km away from me. I’m sorry. I wish I know, Michael.
[Long Email Content]

It was a saturday night nung nag-celebrate ng debut ang friend natin.
I was with you, your bestfriend, and my bestfriend Dio. We're both shocked nang nalaman natin that they're in a pseudo relationship. That party ended at around quarter to two in the morning. Habang ihahatid ka na namin sa bahay mo, hindi sinasadyang mabanggit ni Dio ang offer sakanya ng isang university sa US. Nagalit si Kathleen, bakit hindi niya daw 'to alam. Sa malawak na kalye ng Taft, nag-walk out ang bestfriend mo, at hinabol naman siya ni Dio. Naiwan tayong dalawa sa loob ng kotse, silently starring at them outside.
Habang pinagmamasdan natin sila, bigla kang nagsalita.
"Anong kayang feeling ng secret lovers?" Medyo nagulat ako sa sinabi mo. And I know naman that you still don't have any idea because you've never been in a relationship at all. At taga-share ka lang ng kilig sa mga couple friends natin.
"Gusto mong i-try?" sagot ko naman. Pero wala akong idea bakit ko yun nasabi. Nabigla ata ako. I was thinking out loud na pala. Pero, hindi mo agad na-gets yung sinabi ko. Kumunot ang noo mo dahil sa pagtataka.
"Gusto mo bang tayo rin? Pero secret lang......hindi lang natin ipapaalam kahit kanino." Pero wala parin akong nakuhang sagot galing sayo. I held your hand pero hindi ka pa rin makapag-react. Tinititigan mo lang ako. Walang ni-anong salita ang nanggaling sayo.
Lumipas ang mga araw, masasabi ko na masaya ako. Masaya ako kapag kasama kita. Kilala na kita since high school, we're schoolmates remember? Ikaw yung tipong medyo invisible pa dati, until you came-out in your shell. Unti-unti kanang nakikilala dahil sa ang galing mong mag-laro ng archery. Medyo nahihiya pa akong i-approach kita dati, baka masabihan mo ako ng feeling close. You're cute. Charming. Lalo na ang gray eyes mo. You keep on smiling kaya kita napapansin dati pa. At matagal na kitang kilala. I just keep on starring you... . from afar.
Walang nakaka-alam that we're on a relationship. Even my friends or my twin sister. Alam lang nila we're just schoolmates dati, close friends, or minsan, classmates tayo sa ilang subjects.
Minsan, tuwing lunch natatawa nalang ako kapag sinasabi mong "uuwi ako" . Kakaripas ka agad ng takbo, ako naman ang dami ko pang excuse na gagawin. Minsan sinasabi ko nalang sakanila that pinapauwi ako ng dad ko or may kukunin ako sa bahay. Minsan iba yung dinadaanan ko at dumadaan pa ako sa kabilang building pa ko para lang hindi sila makahalata. Minsan din dadaan pa ako sa soccer field bago ako pumunta sa parking lot para mag-kita tayo.
Being in this relationship was so hard. Not in a way where in, we're both guys or what. It's just kailangan mainggat, kailangan wala silang alam. One time pumunta tayo sa isang bilyaran kasama natin ang barkada, kasama mo sa isang sulok yung ibang mga kaibigan natin habang ako naka-upo lang sa upuan at nag-tetext. Ikaw yung ka text ko nun diba? Nagpapa-turo ka kung pano mag-bilyar. Tawang-tawa pa nga tayo kung pano kung turuan kita, ano kayang magiging reaction nila. Pero habang nagta-type ako, lumapit sa akin yung isa nating kasama na babae, nag-papaturo kung paano mag-bilyar. Ayaw ko naman na maging mukhang bastos kaya pumayag nalang ako. Hindi ko namalayang nakatingin ka pala sa amin. Hindi ko napansin at naisip na makikita mo kami. Alam kong medyo iba yung galaw nung babae, minsan sinasadya niyang idikit yung boobs niya sa braso ko pero hindi ko nalang pinansin yun. And then, the next thing I knew, wala ka na sa bilyaran. Inikot ko ang mga mata ko sa paligid pero ni-anino mo hindi ko makita.
Panay ang text ko sayo. Pero hindi ka man lang nag-reply. Ang tanga at gago ko. Bakit hindi man lang sumagi sa isip ko na magagalit ka. Magseselos. I dialed your number pero nakapatay yung phone mo. Alam kong galit ka. Pero paano ako makakapag-explain kung ayaw mo akong kausapin?
Nakaupo lang ako sa isang gilid, naghihintay ng reply mo pero biglang bumukas ang pinto at niluwa ka nito. Gustong-gusto kitang lapitan at kausapin pero bawal, makahalata sila.
Pero bakit parang the emotions are real na? May gusto na ba ako sayo?
The next thing I knew, I was inevitably falling in-love with you. Paano 'to nangyari? Pero sa tingin ko, it just happened. I found myself getting excited when I'm texting or talking to you over Twitter, eating lunch or snacks with you, sharing my assignments. I would check my statistics answers thrice just to make sure you would copy the correct solutions.
At my twentieth year, I fell in-love with you. Everything around was multicolored as I live my world in fantasy. I wanted to believe that there was a meaning behind your stolen glances, at sincere ka kapag you said nice things about me. A glimpse, a little compliment or genuine laugh from you really made my day, assigning different interpretations to what your words and gestures really meant.
Pinaniwala ko ng novel series na Sweet Dreams na no matter how impossible things were, the main characters would still end-up together eventually. Kaya naniniwala ako na there was a happy ending for us someday. But the book didn't tell me na sa realidad, love could be solitary feeling that exist. Whether it is returned or not. Because at our senior year in high school, my feelings for you was not only reciprocated, but also unappreciated.
Loving you taught me a lot of lessons, but the toughest one I had to learn was to realized that love knows no gender. Hindi ako sanay na may hinahatid ako kahit dis-oras ng gabi. Hindi rin ako sanay na may tatawag sa phone ko para malaman kung naka-uwi na ba ako or kung pano ako umuwi kapag hindi tayo maka-sama. Hindi ako sanay ng may nag-sisend sa akin ng kanta or gagawan ako ng playlist sa spotify.
Hindi rin ako sanay na tinatakbuhan ng ibang tao. Tulad 'nong sobrang galit ka kase nag-away kayo ng kuya mo, alas-dos ng madaling araw, ako yung una mong tinawagan para maka-usap. Hanggang ala-syete ng umaga tayo magkausap sa phone, kahit na antok na antok na ako, hindi parin kita pinabayaan. Hindi ako sanay, pero ng dahil sayo nasanay ako.
Pero, sa tingin ko hindi talaga pwede. Kase kayo, ang alam niyo may girlfriend ako. Dahil may pinakilala ako sainyo dati. You never met her eversince, pero minsan kasama siya sa jamming ng barkada. Sayang nga lang wala ka lagi.
Ang alam rin ng mga kaibigan at pamilya ko, I'm in a relationship with her. I remember noong birthday ng kapatid ko I invited her. Nasa pool kami that time, naka-lublob ang mga paa namin sa tubig habang nag-lalaro sa cellphone, nagshe-share pa kami nun sa iisang earphones, nasa tenga ko ang isa, habang nasa kanya yung kabila. "I Really Like You" ni Carly Rae Jepsen ang kanta nun nang bigla niyang tinanggal yung earphone sa tenga niya. Tumingin siya saakin at sabay sabi. . "I need to tell you something" . . Tumigil ako sa paglalaro at tinanggal ko na rin yung earphone sa tenga ko. "Ano yun?" sabay tingin sakanya. Biglang kumabog ang dibdib ko. . . . We're both eighteen-years-old when we met. Both fresh graduates from our senior year in high school. It was a summer vacation when we met during our climbs. Iisang team lang kami that time. Mataas yung bundok na pinuntahan namin, it took us 1 1/2 days bago kami makarating sa tuktuk and 1 1/2 days din kaming magkasama. After that climb, we've been close to each other. We talk over FaceTime 'til 5am. Gave her flowers and chocolates, while she gave me a DVD set of Detective Conan Series for my 19th Birthday in exchange for posing as her boyfriend to make her ex jealous. She said "I love you" once, but I'm not sure if I heard it right because we're both drunk.
I like her. She's simple, smart, elegant, generous, and superb humble. She's perfect. Kaya lang, ayaw niya ng commitment, we just let our gestures do the talking for us. I assumed at that time that she likes me too. Wala pa namang siya ina-admit about anything yet, but I let her hug and kiss me. Oo, parang kami pero hindi.
Hindi ako sanay na pinipigilanang feelings ko. Ako kasi, kapag nag-mamahal ako, pinapaalam ko. Pero sayo, hindi ko man lang maamin, dinadaan ko nalang sa mga biro. I don't know that if you feel the same way as I do. Baka nag-a'assume lang ako na you like me as well kahit hindi naman talaga. Even na I'm dying to tell you that I like you, I can't. Because I'm not sure if you'd like it. Baka mapahiya lang ako.
Yung mga oras na nagkaka-yayaan tayo mag-kape kung sa asan. Over cappuccino and latte, nagki-kwentuhan tayo about random stuff in life. And how universe can actually play around and make something unexpected yet so good. That very first day we had a coffee together, I secretly kept that cup sleeve sa kapeng ininuman mo kasi doon nakalagay ang pangalan mo. Tinago ko siya as a memento ng unang coffee date nating dalawa. I don't know, siguro feeling ko kasi masyadong naging significant sa buhay ko ang araw na iyon. May nga gabing di na ako matulog dahil siguro nasobrahan na ako sa kape, at nasobrahan sa iyo.
Dumating ka sa buhay ko nang hindi ko inaasahan. Pero kasabay ng pagdating mo, ang pagbago ng mundo ko. Sa kabila ng pagiging abala ko sa mga bagay bagay, pagkadating sa iyo, nasisira lahat ng plano ko. Hindi ko napapansin ang oras kapag magkasama tayo. At napapansin ko na lang, na lagi kitang hinahanap. Parang hindi kompleto ang araw ko kapag hindi kita nakikita. At kahit na laging kutang nakakasama, nawala ka lang ng sandali sa tabi ko, miss na kita agad. Lahat na ng mga kabaduyan, pumapasok sa isip ko kapag naalala kita.
Ikaw, alam ko na hindi ka nakabubuti sa akin. Alam ko that in the long run, masasaktab lang ako sa iyo. Pero bakit habang maaga pa, hindi ako umiiwas? Kasi sa ngayon, napapasaya mo ako. Napupunan mo ang ilang taong pagkukulang sa buhay ko. At pinapadama mo sa akin ang mga bagay na akala ko noon, hindi na darating sa akin. . . . "I need to tell you something" . . Tinanggal ko na rin yung earphone sa tenga ko. "Ano yun?" tanong ko sa kanya. Biglang kumabog ang dibdib ko.
"Promise me that you won't be mad ha" sabi niya na mas lalong nagpakaba sa akin.
"Okay" mahinahon kong sagot habang hinahanapan ko siya ng clue sa mga mata niya.
"I'm a lesbian. And.....I'm currently in a relationship with someone" I was shook, I wanna ask her a lot of questions pero, I should be the one to understand and be her friend to support whatever her choices in life.
"Nearly a year na. Kaso she's still in a closet. You know how society reacts naman diba?" I just nodded. Habang nakat-tingin sa tubig sa pool. Now I understand kung bakit ganun ang treatment niya sa akin after all this time.
"One last favor"
"Ano?" sagot ko.
"Pwede bang magpanggap ka tomorrow as my jowa? Kasi si Patrick ang kulit na naman eh. Promise, last na 'to. Ang dami ko nang utang sayo. Pero kasi, ayaw pa din ako tantanan." Sabi niya na may irita sa kanyang boses. Yung ex-boyfriend niya pala gusto pa din siya.
"Ok, sure" sagot ko na naman.

Kinabukasan, nagkita-kita kami sa mall. Nagka-yayaan manuod ng sine pagkatapos kumain. The Martian. Saktong sakto din, fan ako ni Matt Damon. Pagkatapos ng pelikula papalabas na kami ng sinehan, sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, nagka-salubong tayo. Medyo gulat ang mukha mo nung nakita mo kaming magkasama. Nataranta ako. Nagalit sa sarili ko. Alam ko, sinaktan na naman kita.
Hindi ako makatulog nung gabing yun. Kating-kati na akong tawagan ka o i-text man lang para makausap ka. Para sabihin sayo na wala lang iyon. Habang naka-titig ako sa kisame ng kwarto ko biglang tumunog ang cellphone ko.
Nag-text ka. Kinabahan ako bigla.
"Itigil na natin 'to. Ayoko na ng ganitong set-up." Text mo sa akin. Para akong binuhusan ng malamig na tubig. Napa-upo ako sa kama ko at nanginginig na nagtype ng reply ko sayo.
"Huh? Bakit? So, anong gusto mong mangyari?" Sagot ko naman. Sa totoo lang gusto ko nang umiyak. Bakit ganun? Ilang taon kitang minahal sa malayo at ngayon na nandito ka na sa akin, tsaka naman tayo magkakaganito?
"Ewan. Hindi ko alam. Basta ang alam ko lang, Ayoko na ng ganitong set-up ng relationship." Sagot mo. Hindi ko na naligilan ang luha ko. Gusto kitang puntahan sa inyo para kausapin ka at para maayos natin ito.
"Does it mean..Gusto mo na ba akong i-break?" Sagot ko. Naka-titig lang ako sa screen ng cellphone ko at hinhintay ng sagot mo. Umiiyak at umaasang magbago ang isip mo at maayos natin ito. . . .
What I had for you was a classic tale of almost lovers but not quite that lasted for how many years. No, I am still not over you. There would be times when the memory of you still visit me. I paused at the strum of a song and thought of you, forgetting what I was doing. It has beena year since I last saw you up close yet I still could picture every detail of your face, every fiber, every line, every shade even with the photograph fades and crumbles, even if I won't see you again, you would still be vividly remember because you were captured by something more powerful than the camera.
Para kang sisig, yosi at kape sa buhay ko. Hindi ko maiwas-iwasan, hindi ko kayang tanggihan, kahit na alam ko na iisa lang naman ang patutunguhan nito—sakit sa puso.
You would always be the air in my lungs, something that is always close to my heart, something that would be with me until my last breath.
I missed you.
Bakit ako umiiyak? At bakit ngayon ko lang ‘to nalaman? 🤧
submitted by TheKeating5 to AlasFeels [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 11:00 CronoDroid cignature - Listen and Speak (The 1st EP Album)

cignature - Listen and Speak (The 1st EP Album)
cignature - Listen and Speak (The 1st EP Album)

Album Cover
Release Date: 22nd September 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by
1. Nun Nu Nan Na (눈누난나) KZ, B.O KZ, Nthonius, B.O
2. ASSA (아싸) KZ, Taebongi, B.O KZ, Taebongi, B.O
3. ARISONG (아리송) KZ, B.O, PUYO KZ, Nthonius, B.O, PUYO
4. DALDALHAE (달달해) KZ, D'DAY KZ, ST3V3, Noise_bo2
5. HingHing (힝힝) KZ, Taebongi KZ, Taebongi
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2020.09.22 08:12 ContinueToLogIn Converge (Cancel Application)

Hi, may I ask lang if allowed ba mag-cancel ng application na naka-schedule na for installation as what my status said. Problem kasi, been a month na nung na-settle ko 'yong security deposit (1500), then several days nag-email sila na ime-message na lang kami para sa date ng pag-i-install then after nun, wala na. 1 month na kami naghihintay (no follow up message, heads up or what). Hinayaan na lang yata kami, medyo worried lang ako eh malapit na rin kasi kami magkaroon ng klase.
I'm wondering lang if possible ba i-cancel na lang 'yong application? And refundable ba 'yong security deposit? Hindi pa naman kami nai-installan eh. Planning to apply na lang sa fiber ni PLDT at baka maasikaso pa kami nang mabilis.
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2020.09.22 06:41 temi_playzepi97 And I get that a lot of these stories are fiction but-

Since literally almost every section if filled with mafia stories and I’ve been dry on stories to read for about a month now I thought maybe I should check one of these stories out. So I’m currently reading this one story and it pretty much about this girl getting married to this control freak but his brother is like super hot and a bad boy mafia or whatever and they both liked each other cuz they had some mean sex with each other, but he left for 3 years and now he’s back because he now wants to claim what’s “his” aka the MC cuz I’m now getting married (again to his BROTHER)😒 yawn. Now what I don’t understand is 2 things..first of all your telling me this dude left the MC for 3 years but came back...for why? Cuz they sex was so good he had to come back? 😭😭 he swears on devil that she’s.. say it with me y’all, “nOt lIkE tHe OtHeR giRlS” when literally the only attraction they had was physical attraction. Plus it’s not like he hasn’t been having multiple women in his bed every night. Shiiii the MC musta been a monster in bed cuz...
Also, the MC (Bella) go out on a date with the LI (Nathan) and since he’s mafia their date gets crashed and three shooters ambush them and when they run all the way back to Nathans house, THIS GIRL STILL WANTS TO BE WITH HIM? MF WAS THE SEX THAT GOOD? WAS IT? PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW? Sis said “ik I should be fearing for my life but touching Nathan’s hands and running for my life gave me thrill, I’ve been playing it safe all my life, finally I get to live.” NAH shawD keep this up and you and ya momma finna die. Forgot to mention before he left for 3 years he’s always hung with the wrong crowd but he turned mafia is the past three years and the MC had her suspicions but she didn’t wanna say nun. BACK TO THE STORY... so she told her friends about it and whatever and they went “well damn he sholl doing some bad stuff but he misses the old you and he treats you right...he’s definitely a keeper better than your fiancé” BITCH WHAT? YA KEEPER AS IN HE SHOULD BE KEPT IN A CELL. Ik this bitch done tryna get me to die at this point cuz chile I’d rather have a controlling bf than a mafia dude who’s getting attacked every other day. Ik these stories post to be fiction but them mfs be dumb and unrealistic asf. I’ve said my peace good night
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2020.09.21 19:36 SchuFighters Trails of Cold Steel II: Why it's my favorite

There will be unmarked spoilers for Cold Steel 1 and 2 in this post. Spoilers for Cold Steel 3 will be marked. Proceed at your own risk.

With Trails of Cold Steel IV is coming out in a little more than a month now, I decided to go back and replay I, II, and III in the lead up to it. Earlier this year I discovered the CS series and played all three games back to back. I have fallen in love with Class VII, the NPCs, the story, and Erebonia as a whole. (I have not played Sky or Crossbell due to not having a PC, but I subsequently looked up the story and characters for those as well and have solid passing knowledge of their events, but I digress.) All three games have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but for some reason I keep coming back to CS2 as my favorite. Weird right?
It's no secret that this sub finds Cold Steel to be the weakest arc, and of the three English releases, people like CS2 the least. In both instances, I get it. People see Rean as a Gary Stu protagonist, the dating sim/harem mechanics are hit/miss for people (this one does not personally bother me, I actually like it), etc. I am not here to justify or argue in favor of these aspects. CS2 itself has a lot of narrative issues. Repeating the same story beat (i.e. Class VII getting repeatedly bailed out in the Infernal Castle) and a lack of stakes (what happened at Celdic was horrible, but I seriously cannot believe the only named characters who died were Market Manager Otto and Crow except not), and padding the game with the shrine trials. Then there's CS2's biggest weakness: it's reliance on carrying over the story and being a direct sequel CS1.
But in my opinion, this is also CS2's biggest strength.
CS1 provides a solid foundation to build on. It introduces the player to Eastern Erebonia, Thors Military academy and it's quirky staff and students, and the basis of the conflict boiling under the surface between the Noble Alliance and the Reformist Faction. It also gives you time to get to know most of Class VII during your field studies. While the danger does ramp up during the field studies, there's a sense of comfort and security in going back to Thors after each chapter and reuniting with whichever classmates were not on the field study with you.
Then it all gets taken away.
At the beginning of CS2, you feel the immediate desperation and worry from Rean as he sets off to find his missing classmates. As the player, not having Class VII around and not knowing whether they were safe really did make me feel like the friends I made in the previous game are in grave danger. I wanted to immediately go find each and every one of them. Even though it's something of a repeated story beat, every time I reunited with a member of Class VII, I was so relieved and happy. Rean bear-hugging Machias? I felt that. Alisa's line about knowing that sending Rean away in the battle for Trista would hurt him more than anything else? I felt that. Finding Laura, who I chose for my final bonding event and who never leaves my party because she's a beast? An indescribable payoff, especially because it's her final message to Rean that played at the beginning of the game.
The feeling of joy at reuniting with your classmates was great, and it sets up what is arguably my favorite aspect of CS2: The Courageous. Getting to fly around Erebonia and explore at your own pace was an amazing feeling. Then there was finding the other students. I grew up playing Fire Emblem (hence why I don't balk at waifu mechanics), so reuniting with and recruiting all the named students you met in the last game to strengthen your overall team in various ways was something I absolutely loved. Then there's the fact that the students are using their talents from the previous game as a way of helping on board the courageous. From Nicholas doing the cooking, to Mint working in the bridge, to Becky, Hugo, and Colette running the shops, to Paula taking care of the horses, finding Alan and Loggins working alongside each other to mutually improve their fencing, the rich kids having a bunch of rare quartz, even Vivi and Rex stepping the fuck up when the chips are down, it really let their individual strengths shine bright. Watching the students come together at the climax regardless of their status as noble or commoner, it really felt like this was Olivert's vision realized. Simple things such as Friedel saying, "Back me up Loggins!" felt like such a payoff to all their individual stories they had going on the last two games.
Gameplay wise, the roster of playable characters is easily the selling point for me. Playable Towa? Fuck yeah. Playable Captain Claire? Here's my wallet and bank account info. You can use Sara for most of this game? Drinks are on me...someday. Angelica has a nun costume? I've always wanted to beat someone to death with my bare hands while wearing a nun a video game of course. Lloyd and Rixia in the Geofront? Love it. The Courageous also factors into my love for the gameplay, as I previously explained, it let's you explore Erebonia at your own pace.
I want to end this post by talking about the Epilogue, specifically what happens after beating Loa Luciferia. Very few moments in video games have made me cry. A certain horse ride in RDR2, the aftermath of the first execution in Danganronpa V3, and Ezio meeting his past and future in Assassin's Creed: Revelations all made choke up. But as soon as Millium started crying, she set off a chain reaction with the rest of Class VII and myself. Then you see Crow's ghost and that really set me over the edge. Even with the knowledge that everyone would be back in CS3, it really felt like the end of the Class VII I had fallen in love with over the course of two games. I know the feeling of leaving behind your closest friends. The night I left for college was one of the hardest of my life, I cried then too. Perhaps that is why, in addition to everything I talked about in this post, that CS2 resonated with me more than any other in the series. Cold Steel 2 is (thus far) my favorite game in the series and now one of my favorite games of all time.
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2020.09.21 06:51 NeoNiCally Luchino Visconti's The Leopard Or: Why I Think It's One of the Greatest Adaptations (SPOILERS)

Once again, before I start my analysis on why I think Luchino Visconti's The Leopard is a fantastic adaptation, it should be worth noting that there ARE spoilers in this review regarding with both the film and the novel. If you haven't watched nor read the book or movie (I highly recommend you reading the book first and watching the movie after to appreciate this one), then go do so before reading this.
Warning: This review will spoil the last two chapters of the novel version. The movie doesn't show the last two chapters.
There has been a lot of wonderful adaptations from theater to the big screens, myth to big screen, maybe even a line from a song into a movie. But we cannot forget about the most common source of film adaptation: Books themselves. There has been a lot of successful and not-so-successful novels in the history of films including 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Martian, The Princess Bride, Casino, and the list of adaptations can go on forever. Film has always had some type of relationship with literature. Some novels depict different meanings and interpretations from the directors, most notably ones like A Clockwork Orange. However, there has been one adaptation that has stayed on my mind ever since I first watched it years ago. It was the story of Il Gattopardo or The Leopard, written by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and then directed by Luchino Visconti, the movie itself is already a beautiful film about old Sicily.
So, what makes The Leopard so different from other adaptations. Let's go through a quick preview of the good qualities that I'll be talking about: It follows by the author's style of having a timeline of random events that are linked together, the cinematography captures Lampedusa's detailed portrait of Sicily, the acting is superb, and how Visconti implants the last two chapters into the film's third to final chapter or A Ball, November 1862. These three reasons mean more than what I have listed.
Starting off with the story structure in both versions, they don't have an actual linear story. There's not really a main problem, there's not a main antagonist, and there aren't any exterior conflicts to really sink into. When I first read this, I'll admit, I felt lost with what was going on. I didn't know what it was about and I was expecting some type of serious conflict going on. In fact, I knew it was going to be an interior conflict but much rather a more serious problem. After a while, the storyline sinks into me about halfway through the novel and I begin to understand much more of how Lampedusa writes it out. It's not a very easy story, but after you find the indirect, miniscule connection between these random events, they slowly knit themselves together for a good finale. Let's talk about the novel first for now. The story is about the chronicles of the final days of a dying clan in which there is always a prince (Or the leader of the family) that is called, "The Leopard." The main character, Prince Don Fabrizio (Played by Burt Lancaster in the film), is a grouchy prince that has strict rules and a strict schedule in his house and wherever he goes. His family fear him, the people try not to upset him, and his wife must control her tantrums before the Prince starts to get mad with her. At first, we don't see much of this guy. He's not sympathetic, kind, or the type of person we would want to be with. Later on, towards the end of the novel, Lampedusa specifically wrote the last parts of the novel with little to no attention towards this character. He turns sympathetic, old, sorrowful, and eventually dies off without much detail in the novel. In the movie adaptation, Visconti also follows Lampedusa's direction by showing his sorrow, pain, and his little to none screen time in the Ball sequence or the third act of the tale. There is a melancholic tone with how Visconti created the ending. It's much more different than the novel and there's an emptiness in that final act. Sure, Prince Fabrizio is just slowly walking off into the dark alley but nothing more, nothing less. We feel sad that we expected a superior and much more emotional ending. But Visconti took Lampedusa's interpretation of Sicily as an old city that always sticks to tradition, one that doesn't change so easily. Even in the end of the second act, Prince Fabrizio told Chevalley, a government official requesting Prince Fabrizio to be an appointed member of the Senate, hoping to hear and have some change in Sicily. Fabrizio refuses, saying that Sicilians aren't interested in change or even in politics for that matter. Sicily, for Lampedusa, is a place that rarely changes while the rest of Italy begins to change around them. They are a dying part of Italy but one that is still barely alive. With the sadness and the timeline of the story structure, Lampedusa and Visconti creates melancholy throughout the whole story to show the final days of Prince Fabrizio, the last Leopard. I think it's just one of those fascinating stories that Visconti adapted the same way Lampedusa did and I think it was a great choice.
The cinematography itself is also a grand masterpiece on it's own. There are several scenes in this film that uses an old but familiar technique called the deep focus/depth technique. First famously shown in Jean Renoir's The Rules of the Game and later with Orson Welles's Citizen Kane, The Leopard also uses this to display his shots as art rather than a literary device to tell multiple subplots or a different viewpoint of the situation. There are a few shots that do tell that different viewpoint but his deep-focus is what made his film so grand. One of my favorite shots in this film is in a scene where Prince Fabrizio, Chevalley, Tancredi (Played by Alain Delon), and a few other family members (I believe, if my mind doesn't trick me, also including Count Cavriaghi played by Terence Hill), are all playing cards together in the living room. They're talking, nothing dramatic about the situation. We just see a group of men playing cards while there is a large hallway filled with open doors. The depth on this shot is enormous and superb. The depth and the constant use of big hallways with open doors is a common trick even in Jean Renoir's 1939 classic. But Visconti uses this properly to create a painting itself. Renoir uses this technique to tell a story and to easily slide from one subplot to another while Visconti rarely moves the camera, letting it just stay there and let the audience sink into the painting itself. Of course, where the deep focus is at it's best would be none other than the ball sequence. With the duration of about 45 fast-paced minutes, Visconti creates a ball that is dazzling, lost, and completed with masterful composition and execution that compares to Kurosawa's strictly straightforward and symphonic composition and movements in nearly all the films he's made within his grand 30 film career. While this famous ball sequence makes it hard for us, the audience, to find our protagonists in the waltzes, it is purely intentional and reasonable to do so because no large party can make it easy for anyone to find somebody in the mass crowd of dresses, movement, and joy of everyone in that room (Hoping the screams are made of joy, not of fear). It is not nearly as great as Renoir's party sequence but the way Visconti continues on with the story is wonderful. Not a single minute was wasted in this sequence. The lighting is great, no shot ever felt unreasonable, and the use of long shots also gives the audience a moment of reflection and recovery from such dizzying and overwhelming amount of details in one scene alone from this movie at any point of the story, not just the ball itself. Lampedusa's novel is also quite overwhelming and might require one to take a rest from a chapter or a part in the story (The novel itself is made up of parts with no minor chapters. Every chapter is a part of the book so there's no minor checkpoints or save spots). Close-ups have been perfectly used and far-shots aren't too far for us to not be able to see the action. The position of the camera is used wonderfully, not indicating the wrong interpretation or feeling for the character themselves. Thank you Giuseppe Rotunno (The cinematographer) for properly understanding the craft, the importance of cinematography, and how this can tell a story indirectly but importantly. Giuseppe's work also contributes well to the spectacular performances of our main characters.
For acting, Burt Lancaster plays a character that isn't a direct rip from the original source novel. The novel depicts him as a mean and grouchy man. However, Burt's version is a much more calm, understandable, while intimidating at times of a character. It's also wonderful that despite it was against Visconti's vision to be playing him (Visconti didn't like Burt at first), he eventually got the respect and even the friendship with Visconti himself. They became great friends afterwards and it's very rare to have a Hollywood actor as kind, understandable, yet strong as Burt. One that has perhaps inspired some of the many other wonderful actors including Robert Mitchum (Who was making films the same period as Burt) and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His intense expressions in the film subtly hints at what Lampedusa's version of the character originally was. While he plays a different type of character, he also respects the author's original view on the character. I would go as far to say that I enjoy Burt's version of the character much more than the novel itself. There's a certain charm that Lancaster brings into his role that clicks wonderfully in the adaptation that Lampedusa's version couldn't exactly hold. Not all the praise is going to the already fascinating Burt but also everyone else in the film. Claudia's character plays with a sense of class but also the implication and body language of an immature girl inside. She is perhaps the only perfect role in the film as she is the only one in that entire film's cast that is Italian or at least looks like Italian. She's charming but it's not her charm that takes the showcase but also her brilliant level of acting. While I love Cardinale and Lancaster, I think the one that really took the show was Alain Delon's portrayal of Tancredi Falconeri. His role is played with such power and ferociousness that many might end up thinking that he could've been the next Leopard. His character is very relaxed, interesting, and fun to watch on screen. He plays as the young and daring boy going headfirst into war. While my descriptions on him don't feel like justice to how I love his role in this film, there is one scene in particular that I really think was executed fairly well and just may be one of those scenes in the film that many have overlooked on. In the scene that I will be discussing, Tancredi (Alain Delon) meets Angelica (Claudia Cardinale) for the first time and fascinated but also falling love with her at the same time. Meanwhile, Concetta (Lucilla Morlacchi), a lady who has been with Tancredi and in love with him at the same time, doesn't speak much during the conversation but rather developing somewhat of a jealousy for her. If it isn't jealousy, then who knows what really went on her mind? Both the novel and the film itself points the spotlight towards Tancredi and Angelica. Tancredi tells them about a story of his time at the army when he stormed into a convent. In the end, he told Angelica that if she was there, the soldiers wouldn't have needed the nuns. Angelica laughs wholeheartedly at this story while Concetta misunderstood the story and gets upset at Tancredi and his inappropriate story. She turns her back to him and walks away. Given the context, the reason why this certain scene in the story is so great can only be explained through the last chapter of the book. This leads me to the final point of this essay, the masterful and rewarding foreshadowing of the film.
At this point, this is where spoiler territory comes in. In the final chapter of the novel version, Angelica and Concetta are two elderly women living in their dead mansion in early 1900s Italy. One day, Tassoni visits Concetta. Tancredi, who married Angelica sometime between the 1862-1883, has already died sometime ago from old age while Angelica is still alive and just met Concetta right before the scene I am about to introduce. Everyone else has already died long ago, leaving Angelica, Tassoni, Concetta, Carolina, and Caterina (The last two mentioned are younger sisters of Concetta) as the last of their family and the last living characters in the story. Tassoni reveals to Concetta that Tancredi always loved her and even Lampedusa hinted a detail in the chapter, "Love at Donnafugata," that Tancredi and Angelica's love relationship would never been as wonderful as it will ever be other than that time in the chapter when they were running around in the old mansion. While there were no arguments or any contempt mentioned in this story, he didn't make them live happily ever after like a fairy tale. Sure, they loved each other but it was really Concetta that Tancredi truly loved. And you know which scene in the story did he showed his love for her once? Yes, the dinner scene where he was telling the story. He was nervous to even talk to her and often talked to Angelica instead. Alain Delon does justice to this scene by having his character tell the story while giving off quick, frantic nervousness in his body language by having his eyes look behind him where Concetta is sitting every few seconds while also stuttering and moving more than usual. The body language isn't easy to notice if you have never read the book or found out about his love for Concetta (Even though he did love her in the beginning) but for those who have read the book, I highly advise you to observe Delon's body language in this scene the next time you watch this (If you noticed it, I'm very proud of you that I'm not the only one to have noticed this). Tassoni told Concetta that Tancredi confessed that the story about the convent was all a lie and that he wanted to kiss Concetta when she reacted with anger to the story. The grief of Tancredi's character stayed with him forever until his death and this just may be one of the reasons why Tancredi and Angelica's relationship never soared off. It was because he never loved her truly as Angelica and he lost the chance of loving Concetta. An unforeseen tragedy that the film barely shown (The tragedy of the relationship with Tancredi and Concetta actually occurs in the Ball chapter of the film but never goes into full depth as the novel did). The film itself didn't just foreshadow the last chapter but also the second to last chapter that didn't make it. The second to last chapter is also in the Ball chapter. The novel never discussed it nor mention anything about the painting on the wall in the library room. In the film, Prince Fabrizio goes into the library to take a rest from the exhausting and youthfully energetic ballroom waltzes and discussions. His face all sweaty and a tired expression wearing him down. He notices a painting above a mantelpiece. The painting shows a dying man in his bed with his loved ones, including his dog, around him at his final moments. The pain and sadness in the man's expression as everyone around him weep in a emotionally brutal image. Prince Fabrizio looks at this image for a long time before being interrupted by Tancredi and Angelica. The foreshadowing here is much more obvious than the example I gave above. In that second to last chapter, Prince Fabrizio dies from old age in a hotel room in Sicily. The date was July 1883 and everyone, including Tancredi and his favorite dog, Bendico, are watching him at his last minutes. It is a tragic scene that Visconti couldn't shoot but rather symbolize in the ballroom sequence which I think is one of the best uses of foreshadowing.
After my initial viewing of The Leopard, I fell in love and understood why director Martin Scorsese admired this film so much. Other than the beautiful cinematography done by Giuseppe Rotunno, there's a whole layer of appreciation to the novel that the readers can admire that Visconti understood. He implanted the last two chapters of the story, made sure the actors like Delon are hinting at a much more detailed character study, and capturing the colossal and challenging of the story with deep, lyrical cinematic poetry. I think I can safely say that Luchino Visconti's The Leopard is an adaptation masterpiece and one that I would recommend people reading first before watching. You wouldn't be appreciating as much as I did if you haven't read the novel. After countless films and adaptations, this one is one of the few films I have seriously enjoyed and appreciated in a long time.
The Leopard is a spectacular, complex novel and Visconti did more than just making another great film, he gave us, what I consider, one of the greatest adaptations.
Thanks for reading. Sorry for the long post btw. This is not for school I swear!
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2020.09.21 06:45 -FernFeather- Full Mad Eye Lore including scientific and historical analysis.

I worked really hard on research, compiling all this information, and analyzing it and I would REALLY appreciate if you would check out my YouTube where I do a full video analysis of it, I'm not trying to advertise or anything but if you support this work and you want to see more (and I'm currently working on acrobat's lore analysis as we speak) then showing that support to me on my YT (channel name is FernFeather) would honestly mean the world. But of course as always it's up to you.


Mad eyes
Mad eyes introduction: Burke is the eldest son of a construction worker who grew up playing amongst designs, various machines, and tools. By the time he was 20, he had already acquired local fame for his skills. Hired by a married couple, Burke arrived at Oletus Manor when it was still desolate, rundown and was responsible for most of the architectural designs. As per the wishes of his employer, he led his team of workers and expanded Oletus Manor. In his own time, he added his own touch to the manor, his devices, turning the manor into Burke's secret laboratory. It is said that even up until that unfortunate incident this crazy architect was still planning the addition of new devices.

This analysis will include: a dissection of Burke's deductions in history, a brief history of the development of prostheses, revisiting the abandoned setting of the manor, whiskey and pressure gauges.
Burke's design is mechanical, and slightly reminiscent of steampunk. Despite how unrealistic and stylized his design may appear to be, it actually holds some significant footing in reality. I'll discuss it in points
  1. His prosthesis -
Burke's right hand and left leg have both been replaced with mechanical parts - More commonly referred to as a prosthesis. It's never explained how he lost these limbs - we do however know that the area where he lives has poachers and dangerous traps so it's possible one of these could have contributed to it, but since it's never stated it's also possible he could have purposefully chosen to replace them as he aged. Regardless as to why his prosthetics appear to be fairly rudimentary. Currently there exists certain prosthetics which can sense electrical impulses in the remaining muscles around it and based off of where the impulse is it can move the prosthetic in a certain way. Considering this technology is fairly recent to the current day Burke's prosthesis is most likely a body powered device which relies on the coordinated movements of the user’s own residual and healthy limbs to drive. To be fair the movement of his fingers do appear to be far more coordinated than a body power device would allow but considering he is a mechanical genius I think we can suspend our disbelief a little. In fact most historical prostheses used residual limbs and specific movements to operate most efficiently.
Also, if you look closely, you can see that Burk’s prosthesis has rubber bumpers.
The Civil War may have helped spawn the first major explosion of the United States’ prosthetic device industry. About 70 percent of all wounds sustained by Civil War soldiers affected their limbs which often resulted in amputation. The ghastly nature of the condition of many soldiers returning from conflict led to the federal government taking action in the form of its “Great Civil War Benefaction” program. This little-remembered project made a commitment on behalf of the government to provide prosthetic devices to every Civil War soldier who needed one. As such there were numerous manufacturers building devices on government contracts and the need for these synthetic limbs helps spurred innovation. Beginning in 1863, rubber began to find use along with, or instead of, wood and metal, providing a more natural appearance, better resiliency and more flexibility.
The introduction of rubber in leg prosthetic sockets grew in popularity thanks to New York inventor Dubois Parmelee in 1863. His socket attached to the residual limb using atmospheric pressure, and india rubber was used to comfortably adjust to a patient’s residual limb
Therefore, the time point when Burk replaced his prosthesis was most likely around late 1860s. I specify "replaced" because in his deductions when we first meet him it's most likely around the early 1800s so he either had a different form of prosthesis or was in full fit condition.
  1. His console -
Now that I've harped about his prosthetic let's shift our focus to some other identifying aspects. The "keyboard" used to enter data onto his consoles appears to be altered form of a typewriter. Between 1801 and 1808, Italian Pellegrino Turri invented the first typewriter for his blind friend. Later this typewriter was lost, so it is impossible to know its shape and structure today. The first machine known as the typewriter was patented on 23rd June 1868, by printer and journalist Christopher Latham.
  1. Pressure gauge -
The pressure gauge on the Barker weapon belongs to the Bourdon tube pressure gauge, which is the earliest and most commonly used mechanical pressure measuring instrument. French engineer Eugene Bourdon first invented the Bourdon gauge in 1849. The device enabled accurate measurement of much higher pressures than existing measurement devices. Bourdon designed the device for steam locomotive engines in the late 1840s because of the increasing number of horrific accidents involving very high-pressure steam locomotive engines. The accident rate and number of deaths from steam engine explosions dropped significantly within a couple of years of the introduction of the Bourdon gauge.
Bark’s pressure gauge is probably used to directly measure the steam inside his weapon, to prevent it from bursting suddenly. But why does his weapon need to have pressure in the first place? if he's able to control when steam is released, then the force of the steam exiting the weapon would help to increase the speed and force of his attack. You have to remember he has cute little toothpick arms, and a prosthesis doesn't really provide you much grip, so these alterations to his weapon can give him an advantage. Additionally steam is hot, at atmospheric pressure liquid water transitions to steam 212°F (that's 100°C), according to The burn foundation, just one second at 156° F (69°C) can cause third degree burns. Researchers in Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) found the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), cannot properly perform its protective function against water vapour as high temperature vapor easily penetrates to the second layer of skin easily causing second degree burns.
however under the pressure within Burke's weapon the damage caused gets even worse. It takes about 16.67 bar to crush an egg as seen in this experiment (17 kg converts to 16.67 bar)
According to valves online temperature steam reference, assuming this measly pressure alone could increase the temperature of the steam up to 204°C or about 400°F, to put this in perspective frying grease is often between 300 and 500°F interested by the American burn association can cause serious degree burns in less than one second. I know people despise getting hit by Mad eye walls but considering the alternative it might be the less painful option.
Temp steam ref:
Approximate time and temperatures in relation to burns:
Scolding injuries:
  1. Burke's alcohol -
The most common orange-yellow liquor in the UK is whiskey, and because the grain law was abolished at that time, the price of various brewing materials was lowered, and the liquor was cheaper than before.
One of the sources I looked into while researching suggested that Burke may have created his one bottle himself due to the fact that before the 17th century the shapes of wine bottles were mostly blowing by independent craftsmen and after not many wineries created them until much later. But my research into the topic makes me think that the dates simply don't line up. The 1600s was far earlier than when this story takes place, I find it more likely that his bottle could be a gin case bottle: Case gin bottles are square with a more or less distinct taper inwards from the shoulder to the base. This design closely aligns with that of Burke's bottle, in the color of gin it said to have a slightly yellow tint, but in the promotional art for mad eyes we could see that his bottle contains a vividly orange liquid. Could be a decorative flask which would mean that Burke made it or had a friend do so, The only thing which makes me reluctant on this possibility is that most decorative flasks have designs on them, but Burke's appears rather basic. considering that the time frame for the bottle fits that of the case gin bottles it wouldn't be too far of a stretch too assume that this was the bottle he used and he simply filled it with a different liquid. After all his character day notes say that one of his favorite things is vodka which definitely doesn't fit the description of what would be in the bottle.
Whatever he's drinking and regardless of how many alcoholic problems he had he's precious.
  1. What is a "Burke"? -
The surname Burke is derived from the Old English word "burh," which is derived from the Old German word "burg," the common Germanic word for a fortification. It seems likely that the first family to bear this surname would have lived in or near a prehistoric fort situated on a hill.
This name is rather apt considering who Burke is. In a literal sense He's able to construct walls to keep out people he deems as intruders. But on a deeper level he's built a fortification around himself.
  1. Snazzy Accessories -
While this isn’t directly related to his design some of his accessories reveal to us more about his character
Good Old Times -
“A watering can that Burke discovered while tidying up the laboratory. It was full of flowers and plants which reminded him of days gone by.”
Violin -
“His right hand may not be fully functional and his violin may have been slightly damaged in an incident, but Burke enjoys music still. Practice really does make perfect.”
(shows that the loss of his arm came later on in his life and that he had some interesting talents)

To be an architect (a brief exploration into the architecture tendencies of the time):
The Manor was built on speculation (meaning it was built without any intended buyers).
Now we've never seen the entirety of the manner which means that we can only piece together what we know of it from the sections where we explore pieces of the inside and from parts of external view.
What we do know is that around the time the manor was sold for a fairly cheap price, these types of estates were symbols of status which shows that while these people may not have been the most wealthy they did come from a significant social standing.,Middle%20Ages%20(see%20commune%20).
The background of the manor was originally designed with aspects of the 20th century, but based on many deductions and later official changes, the background in the game can be determined to occur in the 19th century. The 19th century was a period of great popularity of romanticism, and under the influence of it, architectural changes also took place-called romantic architecture. The 1830s to 1860s was the early stage of the development of romantic architecture, also known as pre-romanticism. Medieval castle-style mansions and even Eastern architectural sketches appeared.
It has been stated that he may be inspired by Edmund Burke, a Canadian architect from the 19th and 20th century. But this is a loose connection. But he has done some gothic revival and similar style buildings
The background
Next, let’s talk about a background story that may be related to Barker’s deduction. This is the manor’s background story previously released by the official WeChat account, but there are many omissions, which have now been deleted. However, if you compare the cannon with this background you'll see some interesting similarities that correlate to Burke
[Background story that was later scrapped]
Everything starts with Winston Manor (also known as Oulitis Manor):
In the 20th century in Europe, a young couple bought a huge estate in a remote mountain area at a low price. The reason why this manor was so cheap is because the reputation this manor had was not very good (because of the rumors of the past generations) and because of the bad reputation, there were no neighbors around.
After the couple moved into the manor, they renovated the manor, they enjoy Western mythology, which is why the manor is full of it

Just when everyone thought that this family would live a happy life forever, something that no one wanted to mention happened: 24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday, which was originally a happy thing. However, on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world-he witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, and the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu killings of the surrounding refugees because of the theft. They deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in an attempt to disrupt the clues.
(keep in mind this background story was scrapped although parts of it may still be true)
Here's the link to the full story if you'd like to read it.
The owner of the manor that we see first strongly relates to the deross family we see and Burke's deductions. I'll start going over those here.
Mad eyes deduction
  1. Contract - It used to be a proper job.
Damaged Contract: Signed by Dennis DeRoss and Burke Lapadura.
Combining the background story mentioned earlier, after the couple bought the manor, they started looking for an architect who could work to rebuild it. Burke was young and arrogant, and had a certain reputation, not afraid of the ominous rumors that had spread around the manor he decided to take on the opportunity to work there and pursue his design goal. Considering the reputation that the manor had (as noted in the background story), many workers were dissuaded from pursuing employment at the manor. Due to this, it was the once fearless and talented Burke who undertook most of the architectural design work.
  1. Test Ground - Some saw ruins, while I saw "potential".
Archive 1: Attached are architectural plans for symmetrical towers. A rectangular area is marked in red at the center of the building.
Generally speaking, in regards to architectural designs, red and rectangular marks have special meanings
For example, it can be used to reserve a column position (as is seen in this picture)
This means that, for whatever reason, the floor should be reserved during construction. According to the location, the red rectangle on Barker's drawing may refer to the secret room or safe room that is mentioned later in his deductions. In short, the work entrusted to him by the couple gave full play to his talents and gave him free reign of his architectural abilities, this was an enjoyable endeavor for Burke to undertake.
  1. Labor Force - Robots are more reliable than humans.
Archive 2: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. It seems that hundreds of parts need to be made to complete the design.
As mentioned earlier, most of the design tasks in the manor are done by him alone, and there are many bad rumors about the manor (so maybe not many people are willing to work here), and Burke is not the type who likes to communicate with people. In this case, what he thought of was to make his own form of labor that could help him, aka robots. The specific humanoid structure mentioned in this deduction most likely refers to Guard 26 or BonBon, a metal penguin which he is responsible for creating to help him with his tasks.
  1. Strange Kid - I don't like those noisy living creatures. They give me headaches.
Diary 1: Mr. and Mrs. DeRoss made new building requests, and they even bought their own staff. There was also a strange boy in this annoying group who showed great interest in my studio. I have to find a way to keep him away from my treasures.
Even if he is obsessed with architecture, burke is still very sensitive to changes in the world outside of his direct hobbies. From his point of view the child is getting in his way and putting himself into dangerous situations due to his excessive curiosity
The DeRoss couple seem to care for Burke. But Burke, most likely around his twenties at the time and potentially still a child from the perspective of the older DeRoss couple, obviously only wants to work on his own and in solitude.
A popular theory (translated by @mayousailor on Twitter from @sky5memo - link below) is that The staff the DeRoss family brought included the family of the "strange boy" as he is stated to be "among" the group. The 4th deduction of bonbon supports this: "The little rascal’s gone and misplaced some valuable things again, after coming back from his 'true' parents". One interpretation if this is that he's stealing things for his biological family. Despite who his biological family is, we know the child is at the very least the children the DeRoss's to some extent, most likely through adoption.
In bane's character day letter (and in BonBon's 6th deduction) we get to see that bane is connected to Burke though his occupation on the manor as the gamekeeper. In the letter he states:
"You haven’t come out of the laboratory in almost a month, and the Young Miss - who I'll get to later - and Young Master have started to run into the woods."
If the boy is the young master that means that he has to have some status above that of a common worker.
The assumption that the boy was the son of servants, but eventually adopted by Dennis and his wife, makes this make a lot more sense.
By the way, if you use Mad Eyes in the game, turn the screen to the side and you can see that Burke has a pair of very lovely green eyes. he should have been very handsome when he was young (after all, children are preceptive to appearance and a handsome face will likely gain favor with them, who knows? It could have played a role in why the young boy liked him)
  1. Secret Chamber - Is there a safer place than a room you can't find?
Diary 2: That kid is so annoying. Every time I look back, I can always see his clothes or shoes sticking out from the corner. What an idiot.
With more and more people moving in, the manor is gradually approaching its completion, although Burke is still being hired to continue the expansion work. After mulling over the situation, he decided to move much of his work into the secret room, thinking that he would not be discovered by others working there (is there a safer place than a room that can’t be found?" I think my plan is great!). A potential theory for why he decided to move into this room could have just been that he preferred to work on the tasks that he knew he had to complete in solitude - and with the house growing more populated his room provided him a sanctuary.
But one of the many impossibilities of children is that they have an amazing perception. The secret room Burke spent so long constructing and hiding was easily found by the boy. The child would often secretly watch Burke working in this room. Maybe he wanted to be able to play with Burke (after all, his sister was not born yet so he was possibly lonely), and Burke - unlike the other servants - hasn't had much contact with the child, so it is understandable that he'd be curious. Burke's account explains that he can tell that the child's watching him and he says he finds it annoying - however he never actually does anything to stop him from observing his work.
Burke's words and actions are contradictory but help show who he is as a person - he is strict in his tone, but soft in his heart: Although he said that the child is very annoying and stupid, he did not reprimand the boy or drive him away, but silently complained while indulging the boys curiosity.
  1. Number 26 - This is a breakthrough.
Test Record 1: After No. 26 was instructed to take Wooden Box 1, No. 26 stopped moving after taking Wooden Box 1. After No. 26 was instructed to take any numbered Wooden Box except Box 1, No. 26 left the experimental zone after taking the boxes and began to move towards the unnumbered boxes.
Bark’s experiment (No.26) has made new progress. The 26th iteration of his invention is finally somewhat successful and has a certain degree of autonomy, the robot picks up its designated boxes, within proceeds to pick up boxes which aren't even in the testing zone, contributing that it has the ability to carry out actions it's not programmed with. This will be further explained when I do the video on BonBon, but Burke's creation is something he himself has yet to fully comprehend.
  1. Another - I should have seen it coming.
Diary 3: Darn it, humans will reproduce. I should remember that well. My employer was a young couple, and of course, they had children! The only thing to be grateful for was that the brat's attention was completely diverted to "Miss DeRoss", because that gave me time to finish my work. (Optimize secret room)
Time passed, and the boy had his own sister (the child the young couple gave birth to) and everyone's attention was focused on "Miss Delos" - which is the name of the baby. There were no children to bother for a while, and Burke began to optimize his secret room (aka man cave) and guard 26.
  1. Small issue - They will never surprise me anymore.
Test Record 2: After No. 26 was given the command to start, it started playing a voice that was never input. Curse those brats! Miss DeRoss, in particular, should stay away from my Robots! They don't need names like cats and dogs.
Burke continued his experiments. During this time, he was continuing work on Guard 26, his Magnum opus. "Miss Deros" had also grown up with her brother, and had become a new headache for poor Burke. They take to giving names befitting pets to his creations. Most notably when the little girl gives guard 26 the name BonBon, which the robot files in his memory banks. Burke find these names childish and he is seen in some of BonBon's deductions trying to erase this name from his memory bank.
What's even more interesting is how he responds in tweets. Idv Twitter in Japan likes to post character responses to questions and statements posted by fans. Pascal/uranatte (link to his Twitter in description and his koi-fi or you can support is good work and translations if you'd like)
“Bonbon? Bunbun? Penpen? Banban? Which one–––!!!?”
……… It’s No. 26
“Bonbon’s Penpen is so cute but I can’t roll Bonbon’s Hophop”
It’s No. 26 No. 26 No. 26!!
It’s Halloween–!
Have some liqueur bonbons!”
“Bonbon” comes from the “Bom” of “Bomb”, not from bonbon the candy……
…… Anyways, its name isn’t Bonbon in the first place!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here mad eye gets defensive about how his name is in reference to his bombs. He seems to act as if he doesn't like guard 26's nickname but he is quick to defend it.
“Banban becoming a Mister Bear is so cute. I’m looking forward to it Penpen”
It’s neither Banban nor Mister Bear and it’s not Penpen either!!
It’s Bonbon!!
…… Wait, no!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here Burke is shown slipping up and calling him bonbon himself. He may not like the name but at least in some subconscious part of him it stuck.
Burke's daily life in the old manor was probably like this often, having to deal with kids giving his inventions silly little names. despite his stated distaste for it he never actually does anything significant to stop them and doesn't really start seriously changing BonBon until after the incident (which will be mentioned later) he is a very warm guy but seems to be having a headache from everyone's stupidity 24/7
  1. The mob - Human's stupidity always amazes me.
Deduction: Diary 4: They took everyone, including the children. I should have set the Robot to guard this place. It's too late, it's far too late.
The story here should correspond to the gangster in the original background story:
24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday. This was originally a happy thing, but on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world. He witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, but the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu homicide of the surrounding refugees because of the theft, they deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in order to disturb the clues.
Of course, there is a big discrepancy between Burke's deduction and this, for example, in Burke's cannon telling not only was the couple killed, but everyone except himself (supposedly). There are some significant differences between them but what's important is the continuity: That the manor was overrun by a mob and people died.
But the weird thing is that in that historical period, would there be such a big riot in Britain?
A search for riots in Britain around that time shows some potential candidates:
Swing Riots were a widespread uprising in 1830 by agricultural workers in southern and eastern England, in protest at agricultural mechanisation and harsh working conditions. This time period is a few decades before the time suggested by his appearance, but there is a long gap between the end of his deduction story and his time as a hunter, so there is a significant possibility that these riots could be responsible for what happened.
The Bread Riots 1847 to 1867. Resulting in the price of bread rising steeply, and this, in turn, led to a feeling of discontent. Ultimately rioting broke out against shopkeepers and angry citizens. These riots take place later on and are less likely to be the cause of the one faced by Burke and the DeRoss family.
Both of these riots may not be directly related, but the poor working conditions at the time which spurred these riots may have played a role in the one we see with the manor. It is possible the DeRoss family was simply swept up against an angry mob that held destain for those of a higher economic status due to conditions for those in poverty at the time.
(!): It’s Miss Teros and likely the boy that came with the workers.
  1. Sentinel - Ah, such a long wait, but they’ll be back, won’t they?
Archive 3: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. Lots of new parts that look like weapons were added.
(According to the background story that may be changed,) Later the manor received a new owner. The new owner was different from the previous family, but he was willing to take in Burke, who had lost his job and "family". Burke continued to work at the manor, doing some basic reconstruction.
He continued to experiment in the manor while waiting for the family in the past to return here. He blamed himself for their disappearance because he was unable to protect them as he always wanted to do. In the second Bonbon deduction it's revealed that Burke created him in part to help with "babysit" the kids, the 6th deduction shows that he tweaked the bomb function in order to help defend the kids who had a tendency for wandering in the dangerous poacher filled forest.
But BonBon wasn't set to protect when the attack happened, so the family was defenseless. Burke took refuge in his safe room, but for whatever reason (whether it be out of stubbornness, fear, or simply that Burke possibly never informed them of the place) the family faced the threat head on. After this disaster, Burke refused to commit previous mistakes, he added a large number of weapon parts to his machines - new and old. He built them to possess immeasurable firepower, so that even children can be protected. Maybe they will never come back, maybe they will return to the manor tomorrow. With this idea, Bark has been waiting, gradually aging, and making himself look completely different from the past through modification. But if they do have a return, seeing Burke today, could they even recognize that this was once their talented architect, that this was once their "family"
As it turns out Burke's hope isn't entirely misplaced. The name of the father of the DeRoss family is Dennis (as he is referred to), however in other characters deductions there's mention of another character in the family who commonly goes by "Barron DeRoss" and is known to be the owner of the manor. (@sky5memo on Twitter proposes something interesting)
((Please note that this was originally in Japanese and was translated by the previously mentioned Pascal, again links for him are down below)). He states that Barron de Ross may actually be the (supposedly) adopted son we read about in Burke's deductions - implying that he never died. The evidence to support this theory can be found in Martha's character day letter to Barron DeRoss where she writes:
"Do not forget the tragedy that happened to your family."
In addition to this the Second Anniversary Pack. Contained within it some pretty interesting information. Contained in the pack is a story titled "Letter to an Older Brother", from the DeRosses' daughter. The title of this letter itself implies that the son eventually became welcomed into the family if he wasn't their child to begin with.
In the letter is this quote (please keep in mind that Pascal translated this from Japanese, but it originally had to have been translated it from Chinese, so it may be a little off):
"Please don't blame yourself for the death of my parents; You loved them even more than I did, didn't you? And I know you tried your hardest to help them, too. The fact that I'm even alive now is proof of that."
This essentially cements the fact that Dennis DeRoss and his wife were killed by the brutal mob depicted in Burke and Bonbon's deductions. The boy viciously fought to protect the daughter which would explain how she survived.
As for Martha's letter, if we assume that Baron DeRoss is actually this adopted servant boy, the statement regarding the tragedy that befell his family makes more sense.
In addition bonbon's 9th deduction reveals that in the mob attacking the manor there were "familiar faces" in the crowd. While this may be referring to the dangerous poachers that had been seen by the family before, it makes more sense that it was the family of the servant boy as it was extremely likely that the mob took place due to issues of economic status and class. In an attack like this, a servant family would be more likely to participate than some poachers.
To summarize this part: we can theorize that the young girl and boy both managed to escape the attack from the mob thanks to courageous actions from the boy. The boy seems to blame himself for the death of the parents and the young girl wants to console him for it stating that he loved them even more than she did. This boy could have grown up to become Barron DeRoss, however this is not 100% certain. There's also the possibility that all the characters who mention Barron DeRoss are referring to the father before the incident took place.
In addition other letters from different characters reveal more information about Barron DeRoss.
Jack for instance notes in his character day letter that his mentor - James - was good friends with Barron DeRoss, however, due to a weakening body, he wasn't able to go meet him in person and thusly sent Jack in his stead.
In addition to The previously mentioned quote from this letter about not forgetting the tragedy that befell the Barron's family- Martha's letter contains more interesting clues. It appears as if she sent the letter regarding a job opportunity that seems to have some sketchy undertones. She essentially asked him to create for her a new identity in exchange for working for him.
The magician's letter reveals that Baron DeRoss decided to get in contact with servias about a “missing gentleman”. Not much is revealed about the context of this.
In Robbie's character letter which is sent from an nun from the orphanage where he attended it is revealed that the Baron is an expert in mental illness (it is possible the mental trauma experienced by his sister due to the mob incident spurred him pursue this field of study, or conversely if the Baron's identity is the father it's possible that he was already an expert in this field). it is also stated that he may intend to donate to the facility - showing that he's a man of wealth.
This is just a simple summary for these character letters, and I will explain more about them should I do videos on their character stories individually, But what they essentially reveal is that the Baron is a powerful man. It's unknown if Burke finds out later in his life that anyone survived the attack, But the last piece of information were given from Burke's perspective is that he's waiting patiently at the manner in hopes that they had survived, an in hopes will one day return.
This regret Burke feels is reflected more in some of his other Twitter responses:
(Translations sourced from Pathcal)
Response to the Valentine's day event
"I see, today was Valentines’ Day, was it.
Thanks for doing all this for someone like me.
It’s almost like… like having grandkids…"
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
“Every time I see this skin this is what I think…… I wonder if Grampy Burke is feeling hot…… Don’t get burned okay… Take care, Grampy Burke……”
What in the… No need for worryin’!
Why, to think you’d care, what a sweet grandki……
… Wait a minute, I don’t remember having grandkids!
Extra little tidbits:
This is just an interesting interaction from the Twitter account I couldn't really tie in elsewhere -
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
There's something to be said about recognizing the importance of what's on the inside. Burke never was really fascinated with appearance despite how he probably looked rather attractive in his youth. (Joseph could take a lesson from him) ((and I oop-))
His character day hasn't happened yet but I'll probably make a comment for it when it does. Till then I'll put down what I know
The character day is: November 27th
His occupation: architect
Interests: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
Talents: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
dislikes: People who destroy buildings and use the facilities without permission
Likes: Machines, mechanisms, buildings, VODKA (yeah boys)
Burke is one of the few hunters with a known surname, along with Bane Perez, Joseph Desaulniers and Leo Beck.
He is 1 of only 3 Difficulty Level 3 Characters, the others being William Ellis and Yidhra.
Now that I'm nearing the end I think I'll propose my answer to one last question - what's his purpose in hunting? If I were to guess I would say that in his eyes his hunting is done to protect the manor. He wasn't invited here to kill people, he may not have been invited here at all, what's known for certain is that he never left, he's always been here. He spent years regretting his decision to watch everything happen in hiding, in this time it's not going to be that way again. Everyone else is invading his sanctuary and this time he's not going to hide. He'll fight to protect his home.
I want to give credit to these people for a lot of the information presented here.
马一甲 on Sharelib and Lofter -
I talked to them previous to making this asking them for permission to include some of their research. Provides background information on the historical context for mad eye and historical context (a lot of the information contained in here is translated and contained within this analysis, this was a massive help and I strongly suggest you support them)
Mayousailor on Twitter -
Has amazing translations for basically anything from the game you'd ever want to look at and provides a few theories of his own. Translates character deductions, letters, tweets and more.
Sky5memo on Twitter
Constructed a few of their own theories (these theories were translated by Mayousailor above)
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2020.09.21 00:19 jigomir Jigomir #61 - #68

Mucho Mucho Amor (2020)
IMDb: 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 100%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 95%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Every day for decades, Walter Mercado — the iconic, gender non-conforming astrologer — mesmerized 120 million Latino viewers with his extravagance and positivity.
My rate: 10/10
The Devils (1971)
IMDb: 7.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 67%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 89%
Synopsis (from IMDb): In 17th-century France, Father Urbain Grandier seeks to protect the city of Loudun from the corrupt establishment of Cardinal Richelieu. Hysteria occurs within the city when he is accused of witchcraft by a sexually repressed nun.
My rate: 10/10 became one of my favorite movies despite some stuff not aging that well
Mandy (2018)
IMDb: 6.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 91%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 66%
Synopsis (from IMDb): The enchanted lives of a couple in a secluded forest are brutally shattered by a nightmarish hippie cult and their demon-biker henchmen, propelling a man into a spiraling, surreal rampage of vengeance. My rate: 7/10
The Cremator (1969)
IMDb: 8/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 88%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 91%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Set in World War II, a demented cremator believes cremation relieves earthly suffering and sets out to save the world.
My rate: 7/10
Carrie (1976)
IMDb: 7.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 93%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 77%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Carrie White, a shy, friendless teenage girl who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother, unleashes her telekinetic powers after being humiliated by her classmates at her senior prom. My rate: 10/10
Seconds (1966)
IMDb: 7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 89%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 87%
Synopsis (from IMDb): An unhappy middle-aged banker agrees to a procedure that will fake his death and give him a completely new look and identity - one that comes with its own price.
My thoughts: The beginning and ending make this movie soooo good, the middle part is quite uninteresting, so I'm conflicted because I loved it but that middle part ugh
Suicide Club (2001)
Date Watched: 18/09/2020
IMDb: 6.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 57%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 69%
Synopsis (from IMDb): A detective is trying to find the cause of a string of suicides.
My rate: 7/10
The Devil All The Time (2020)
Date Watched: 20/09/2020
IMDb: 7.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes critics: 65%
Rotten Tomatoes audience: 83%
Synopsis (from IMDb): Sinister characters converge around a young man devoted to protecting those he loves in a postwar backwoods town teeming with corruption and brutality.
My rate: 9/10
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2020.09.20 22:40 AlyssHeart88 Im tired of the looks.

Im dating the most amazing man. He spoils me- he takes care of me and my kids (who are not biologically his). He truly treats me like a princess. However I notice the looks we get when we're out in public. We're both tall (both of us are over 6 foot). And he's very skinny, and in my option very handsome. Where as I am tall, overweight... like borderline SSBBW... and not even close to being attractive.. He doesn't seem to notice, but I do.. i see the way people, especially women look at him then look at me.. i see the amusement on their face, i hear their little snickers and their giggles... and im so tired of it.
He and i had a little family date last night, we took the kids to this Halloween store to get costumes and he was showing me these sexy nun costumes trying to get me to buy one. I heard this woman say right beside us "good luck with that" as she laughed looking at me.
He hugged me close and told me I was beautiful. And I feel like he genuinely loves my body.. but I'm exhausted and tired of the looks and the comments. Between my 40 hour a week job and my kids I don't have time to go to a gym and get in shape. Is there anyone else who goes through this? How do I make the looks stop? 😔
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2020.09.20 19:59 1030423 Race Report - Solo Montreal Marathon (First, Beginner)

26F / 80kg / athletic background in rugby, hockey, and weight lifting. I've always been impressed and interested in endurance sports and have thought about doing a marathon for a few years now. Started with my first half marathon April 2019 with a time of 2:00:32, completed a second in August 2020 without really training and then did some inconsistent running a few times per week. I decided to commit to the Sept 20 Montreal Marathon in April 2020, after recovering from an abdominal surgery.
The Race
How did it go?
The bottom line:
Hope this helps those slower runners out there. I was so nervous leading up to the race and a lot of these race reports helped me out. I will be taking some time off from running to recover but... am already looking forward to planning out my training plan and improving my marathon time.
EDIT: 1. Grammer + spelling 2. For the curious - I reviewed my wrist heart rate data, was steady 150-160bpm and it shot up to 180bpm at 16-17km. I remember sudden fatigue here, without any real change in pace or course incline. After this it kept shooting up no matter how slow I tried to restart at. Great visual representation of what I was feeling.
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2020.09.20 16:45 ComprehensiveTip52 HELPPP 😭

This my first post here so lmk if I needa give more Info n stuff. Ok so the thing is I’ve been dating this chick for 9 months and when we met she was hooking up with another guy but she said we weren’t official Or anything so that’s y n he was forcing it n I’m like ok. She idk had a diff vibe so I dated her n we doing long distance. N lately she hasn’t been telling me stuff in her life and it’s happened when she got back on social Media and started following the dude who she hooked up with. And I’m not saying she’s with him or anything but what if she’s talking to other dudes cuz she’s rly distant with me now n idk what to do. I asked her bout it n she’s like dww it’s nun every time like she jus brushes it off. N if I try harder she’ll get mad n not talk to me. So what do I do
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2020.09.18 05:49 GusCam Don't Be a Charity Case

I'm new here--lurked for a week and joined today. Cradle Catholic who never lost faith, but had a dip of time when I did not take it seriously or really understood the Truth. The pat few years have me quickly getting more and more serious... but I'm a long way away from many of you in terms of ritual piety.
I've only been lurking for a week, and I am already struck by how many posts boil down to "Why can't I find my someone?" This post is directed mainly toward the men here, who I assume greatly outnumber the women, but it applies just as much to women. This is a positive message of Love.
Like many of you, I have Trad leanings. But if you are a religious male, you have to understand that our faith/religion is not a dating tool. It isn't a wife voucher. It is recognition of a beautiful and all encompassing Truth, and it is a quest of Virtue. Piety in a vacuum is not attractive.
You are not chaste if you are undesirable. You are not gentle if you are weak. You aren't powerful if you are insecure.
If you really want a loving, devoted, Godly, loyal, gf/wife, you need to be desirable. You need to be worthy of her devotion. A woman doesn't submit to a loser or a bum. She submits to a powerful man of virtue who loves her through action. You need to make it as easy as possible for her to see herself with you.
This is especially essential for us Catholics. Do you really think a woman--especially that perfect woman of your dreams--is going to want to have a fat/gangly smelly slob as her sexual and spiritual partner for life? Do you think she'll want to have children with an ogre? No, she's not. Test her chastity through your hot bod and charming demeanor, not through a gauntlet of repulsion. I don't care if you're Trad or progressive. Nobody wants to pairbond with a charity case.
LIFT WEIGHTS. MAKE SOME MONEY. GROOM YOURSELF. HAVE A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. I guarantee you that if you spend time--and it will take time, depending on how undesirable you are--becoming an independent man who looks and acts as righteous as he possibly can, you will not only find yourself more attractive to those trad women, YOU WILL BE FAR, FAR, FAR MORE PERSUASIVE TO THE UNINITIATED. You want men/women to follow you? You want them to compromise? You want to intrigue them? Be the best specimen you can be. MAKE IT AS EASY AS POSSIBLE.
Beauty is the most powerful tool of persuasion. Catholics should strive to be as beautiful as our Cathedrals and as honorable as our martyrs. Don't be a loser who thinks the Rosary is your one shot at an easy spouse.
I recognize that my first post is pretty aggressive, but I genuinely sympathize and empathize. It's not an easy scene out there for people who take their faith seriously. God gave us life--we have to make the very most of it.
Edit: To those who say I am being unfairly demanding of men—I say at the start that this applies to women as well. If you want an exceptional man (especially in this modern world filled with temptation) you need to be able to be worthy of the knuckle biting chastity out there. Catholics choose a difficult path. We should make it just a little bit easier on ourselves.
To those who say I am being cringe read: I am speaking in the broadest possible terms. If, like many of the dudes I see posting their lamentations here, you have read leanings and desire a submissive wife, you should be prepared to earn that submission. Women—and men—desire proximity with glory. You never want your partner thinking they are trapped with you. You should both be honored.
As a further clarification—this isn’t some materialist rant. It’s a warning. You don’t need to be a rich roided out utopian to get a good woman. You don’t need to be nun-wife to get a good husband. But you do need good character, and the only way anyone is going to assume or infer good character in those crucial early moments is on sight.
Once you are being the best Catholic specimen you can be, then you can lament. We don’t have the eyes of Heaven. We are still human. Your Imago partner deserves your best self.
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2020.09.17 12:57 yobab77 Doldrums

Dami kong gusto gawin kaso pag may opportunity, wala sinasayang ko lang. Netong mga nakaraang linggo nag start to kundi maglaro buong hapon sa smartphone puro netflix inatupag ko. Bumile na nga ko pomodoro timer kaso di ko rin ginagamit I'd just stare on it and move on to something binge worth. Btw. I tried dopamine detox but I'm currently working as tech support makes planning on making another sesh quite difficult. Nung nagtry ako nun feel ko parang may sense of control ulit kso after few days nagback slide ako sa dating gawi, eto balik sa dating habits binge gaming/netflix etc.
Haist lagi na lang ganto parang kakapagod na puro failures.
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2020.09.17 02:25 purpleflowers55 How deal with friends calling you a nun?

I'm a Christian waiting till marriage and about to be 30 I havent found a husband and havent even been on a date for years. Im having a hard time finding a mate and I'm lonely.
To make me feel worse my friends and family keep making jokes by calling me a nun and saying I want to live a nun life.
I actually want a man and even the rare times I and a man shows signs of liking each other my church and Christian family go crazy and try to monitor our every interaction and gossip about us.
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2020.09.16 02:19 wegwerfworf Wie lerne ich wieder zu lieben?

Liebe Brud*innen,
ich weiß ein furchtbar kitschiger Titel aber genau diese Frage beschäftigt mich so sehr dass ich es nicht mehr schaffe sie mit mir alleine rum zu tragen. Es ist nun schon über 2 Jahre her dass ich eine sehr schwierige Beziehungserfahrung hatte und seitdem bin ich einfach nicht mehr der Gleiche.
Die Sache war kompliziert aber die Kurzfassung geht so: Eine langjährige platonische Freundin der ich sowieso sehr nahe stand macht mir plötzlich Avancen, und zwar erfolgreich. So schwer verliebt war ich noch nie. Aber nach dem ersten Kuss erklärt sie mir sie hätte keine Gefühle. Trotzdem macht sie weiter. Kurz nach dem zweiten Kuss erklärt sie mir plötzlich sie hätte zwar Gefühle gehabt, diese seien aber von einen auf den anderen Tag verschwunden. Obwohl ich mich von ihr distanziere kommt es zum dritten Kuss. Jetzt erklärt sie mir sie hatte doch nie Gefühle für mich gehabt, sie hat mich nur benutzt und angelogen(ihre Worte). Ich kündige ihr die Freundschaft aber sie weint nur, tagelang. Plötzlich gesteht sie mir doch wieder ihre Gefühle und dass sie eine Beziehung mit mir eingehen will. Das Problem war ihr Exfreund der noch immer um sie kämpft und sie sich nicht zwischen uns entscheiden konnte, aber wenn ich ihr etwas Zeit gebe würde sie sich für mich entscheiden können. Ein paar Tage später ist sie wieder mit ihrem Ex zusammen gekommen. Erzählt mir wieder das sie nie etwas für mich empfunden hat und sagt dass ich sogar wenn es ihren Ex nie gegeben hätte, niemals eine Chance bei ihr gehabt hätte.
Das ganze mag sehr banal und infantil klingen doch das ganze Drama entfaltete sich über viele Monate, viele Tränen sind auf beiden Seiten geflossen und zu meiner Scham muss ich gestehen das wir eben beide zu der Zeit keine Teenager mehr waren, sondern Studenten Mitte 20. Das ist nun über 2 Jahre her und ich bin noch immer nicht darüber hinweg. Mittlerweile mache ich mir sorgen darüber dass ich es nicht mehr schaffe überhaupt Beziehungen zu anderen Frauen aufzubauen.
Ich weiß nicht was dabei schwerer wiegt. Zum einen denke ich Idiot noch immer an sie. Jede Frau die ich treffe vergleiche ich automatisch mit ihr. Ich weiß dass sie nicht so toll ist wie das Bild das ich von ihr in mir habe und auch dass sie es einfach nicht Wert ist, so wie sie sich verhalten hat, aber es nützt einfach nichts. Zum Anderen habe ich auch einfach Panik davor wieder so verletzt zu werden. Es war so ein Sperrfeuer aus Hoffnung und Ablehnung. Immer dann wenn ich gerade dabei war mich von einer Ablehnung zu erholen hat sie mir wieder Hoffnungen gemacht, nur um dann noch mit stärkerer Ablehnung zu folgen. Ich habe gemerkt wie es in mir eine heftige Reaktion auslöst wenn eine Frau Interesse an mir zeigt. Ich denke es ist Angst. Ich habe auch das Gefühl, dass ich meinem Urteil nicht mehr trauen kann. Wann ist Interesse echt, wann nur gespielt und wann nur eingebildet?
Dabei habe ich versucht neue Frauen kennen zu lernen und habe mir sogar Tinder installiert. An matches mangelt es auch nicht, manche schreiben sogar zuerst aber zu einer Antwort konnte ich mich bisher nicht durchringen. Seitdem habe ich außerdem schon 2 Dates abgesagt und mich gegen Verkupplungsversuche gewehrt. Irgendwie rechtfertige ich das auch vor mir, nämlich damit dass ich mich selbst keiner Frau zumuten kann solange ich noch einer 2 Jahre alten Geschichte hinterher hänge. Stimmt auch irgendwie, aber so langsam weiß ich nichtmehr wie lange das noch weitergehen soll.
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2020.09.15 16:00 kjmichaels Climbing Mount Readmore: Reading Our Top Fantasy Novels Part 25 - 24-21

Welcome to the propreantepenultimate post of this review series, now sponsored by Word-a-Day Calendars. Each month I will be reading 5 books from our Top Novels of 2018 list until I have read the starting book from each series. When we last checked in, I nearly finished 30-26. Now we go from 24 to 21:
24. The Black Prism by Brent Weeks, Book 1 of the Lightbringer series (20 on the 2019 list)
Kip's village is destroyed one day (it happens) and he is unexpectedly saved from death by the Prism, Gavin Guile, who reveals that he is Kip's father. Kip is whisked away to the Chromeria, a citadel that trains men and women from around the Seven Satrapies to draft which is their word for wielding different colors of light magic. But all is not well - the man destroyed Kip's home has declared himself king and wants to set up a rival Chromeria to destroy Gavin.
After I panned Brent Weeks' other series earlier in CMR, many people let me know that he improved dramatically as a storyteller with Lightbringer and that it was far better than the Night Angel trilogy. However, in the time since people told me that, the final Lightbringer novel came out and fans seemed very disappointed with how that ended, so who knows what I'm supposed to believe anymore.
Well, to my surprise, it is indeed better. Few things here are worthy of unreserved praise but I can single out that pacing as pretty close to perfect and there are some neat action scenes. There are also some decently poignant emotional scenes such as when Liv confronts her father and learns she is being used as blackmail to compel him to do things he doesn't want to do and she hates how his best quality is being used against him. If the book had featured more moments like this, really relying on strong character relationships to land some pretty solid emotional gut punches, this would have been a solid read. I think Weeks does have a knack for strong relationships between characters that he just doesn't do the best job capitalizing on. When characters have real human moments with each other, I get sucked in to Weeks' work but sadly these moments are often sparse and separated by fights that are trying to hard to be cool or jokes that are trying to hard to be funny and never quite land. Some of the magic elements are interesting, especially in how ability to utilize different colors of magic seems largely locked by geography and though it is a fairly common trope, I did appreciate this book's portrayal of magic overuse leading to madness. And once the climactic battle gets going in the last quarterish of the book, it does get fairly exciting and it has some inventive fight scenes that are worth checking out.
On the negative end, Brent Weeks still tells instead of shows, has clunky exposition, and isn't great at structuring the story in a way that feels compelling. There are also some ideas here that feel not fully thought through such as the Blackguard being named that because all of the people in it have dark skin which is kind of iffy especially because blackguard is a word, it means someone who is untrustworthy and dishonorable, so that's also not a great look. I can't tell if Weeks went with Blackguard because a) he didn't realize it was a word and smashing words together makes it seem more fantasy-esque than "Black Guard", b) it's foreshadowing for later books where maybe the Blackguard does become dishonorable, or c) it's a fake out to make you think it's foreshadowing but any way you slice it, it's just not great to [hopefully unintentionally] give a group of black people a name explicitly because of their skin color that also labels them untrustworthy. But the biggest problem is that Weeks just can't seem to write women well. The big offender here is Karris who, despite being introduced as a badass incomparable warrior, seems to have been modeled after an 80s sitcom mom. When she's mad at Gavin, she makes him sleep on the couch while he makes the rough equivalent of "women: can't live with them, can't live without them" jokes. There's a whole paragraph of her whining about having a pimple while she's on an incredibly dangerous spy mission. I think there are ways to make vain characters work in an action story but but it just feels weird watching an allegedly elite warrior fret about teenage problems out of some misguided sense that it's funny. I've rarely seen as big of a disconnect between what we're told about what a character is supposed to be like and what we're shown the character actually being like. The impression I get is that this book was written with a juvenile sense of humor in mind and I think that attempt at humor is often prioritized over things like characterization. I say attempt because most of that humor fell flat for me.
Lightbringer isn't great. It's better than Night Angel, I can give it that, but it's still got a lot of the same weaknesses as that series only with a better coat of polish. I guess it's worth reading if you're looking for a kind of uneven and brainless popcorn novel (no shame in reading for the action scenes) but it doesn't have a lot to offer beyond that.
24. A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin, Book 1 of the Earthsea Cycle (30 on the 2019 list)
Ged is a young wizard learning to master his powers at the legendary wizarding school on Roke. When he unleashes a dark spirit called a gebbeth and must leave the school to hide from the vengeful creature.
I've had such good things to say about Le Guin's other works in this series that it may shock you to learn that I am really not a fan of the first Earthsea book. Part of the issue is that it's just a far simpler and more traditional story than Le Guin usually writes which can leave it feeling a little bland compared to her more ambitious and complex works but the bigger problem in my view is that this book has Le Guin's weakest prose. She's still too talented for me to call it bad writing or anything like that but compared to her other works, A Wizard of Earthsea can come across as curiously inert and heavy-handed. I'm guessing this failure mainly comes as a result of this being Le Guin's absolute first book (there's always room to improve from your first ever work) and it mainly fails in that there's an overabundance of telling instead of showing. The maxim that writers should always show instead of tell is pushed too much (writers should be showing and telling as appropriate) but this book is not great at the showing part. Whenever a character feels an emotion, you better believe the book will state plainly what emotion they are feeling rather than sketching you a picture. If Ged gets mad you won't see him raise his voice or stomp his foot or huff and pout, you'll see "Ged was angry." Happy Ged won't smile and dance or laugh uproariously, you'll instead be treated to "Ged felt happy." It's a bland way of writing emotion from a master of the craft, prioritizing a rote functionality instead off embracing descriptive power and this weakness is only present in this book. Tombs of Atuan, the sequel, wisely reverses course with more visual descriptors and the book is much stronger for it.
Now that's not to say the book is bad or doesn't have any strengths. There's still a lot here that's good even if the prose leaves me wanting. Le Guin's grasp of magic and nearly effortless worldbuilding are on full display here. Earthsea feels realer in 50 pages than most fantasy worlds feel after three or four or googolplex-length books and that's due in large part to how Le Guin successfully implies wide ranging cultures and different peoples and traditions without reducing them to easily recognizable stereotypes. The world feels big and inhabited by dozens of different nations rather than a single limited monoculture which is often where a lot of otherwise great older fantasy often goes wrong. The themes of the book are also timeless and a good introduction to what fantasy can do for younger readers. Ged's quest to find himself and learn how to be his own person culminating in realizing that the Gebbeth is his own dark shadow and that he must embrace or at least acknowledge his past failings in order to be a whole person is about as well done as I've ever seen in any story.
So it may not be my favorite but it's still Le Guin. It's hard to go wrong with anything she's written and it still has some quietly powerful moments that will stick with you. This one is a soft recommend despite my personal disinterest in it but with a hearty encouragement that you immediately move on to the Tombs of Atuan right afterward so you can see what a drastic leap in storytelling ability her writing undergoes by the sequel.
23. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, Book 1 of the Book of the Ancestor series (same position on the 2019 list)
Nona is a hunska, a member of an incredibly fast group of people, who is training at the Sweet Mercy Convent to become a warrior nun. But she has made a powerful enemy: the Tacsis clan. They will do whatever it takes to get their revenge on Nona, even if it means assaulting a convent of deadly nuns.
This is a tough one to review. Part of the issue here is that this is a subversive story and how much you enjoy such a story depends on those subversions which is really going to test me as a reviewer who prefers to do as little spoiling in his reviews as possible. The other problem is that this story is kind of all over the place in terms of quality. There are good ideas that are underutilized, mediocre ideas that are actually done well, there are aspects of the story that feel quietly revolutionary, and there are aspects of the story that feel a couple decades out of date. It's hard to summarize this mess neatly and coherently and then somehow convey what reading this book is like. I imagine enjoyment of this book will come down to a handful of unpredictable elements.
On the one hand, the premise of the world is intriguing. Colonized world with a dying star that's using last ditch technology to keep a barely habitable miles wide band of the world from freezing over so people can survive, hundreds of different tribes/nations fighting each other for rapidly dwindling resources. On the other hand, the worldbuilding seems skin deep. The interesting ideas don't trickle down to the story which is a more commonplace assassin/warriomonk/magic school story. And the actual story itself feels generic even though there are elements that are more interesting and unique. There are repeated mentions throughout the book of a chosen one who will appear at the school and Nona is not that chosen one which could have been interesting but I don't know. The main character not being the chosen one feels like shallow subversion of fantasy that has already been played out. I know it's a cliche that chosen one stories are fantasy's bread and butter but this felt like sort of a superficial change that didn't really affect the story much. Nona didn't seem particularly invested in who would be the chosen one or even mildly interested in it. It was almost a background curiosity.
I'm also not sure the characters are all that interesting. I have a little test I apply to see how well developed a character is: I try to imagine what they would be like at a party. If I can clearly visualize what they'd be doing or how they'd behave, the character is well developed and if I can't picture their behavior, they're probably not well developed. Nona and the sisters are hard ones to pin down in this regard because they kind of have personality traits but their traits are more abstract and don't quite work with my test. Nona, for instance is loyal, hates being afraid, and is occasionally forgiving. I stole that description from the Book of the Ancestor wiki, by the way. The only one of those traits I could think of off the top of my head was the loyalty. Now those aren't bad qualities to start with by any means but those alone don't translate into a full personality. What does someone who is "loyal and hates feeling fear" do at a party? That doesn't tell me how or if they make small talk or what kind of jokes they like or what kind of people they gravitate towards. I don't even know if Nona is an introvert or an extrovert and the fact that the fan made wiki personality section doesn't spell out any other traits makes me think that such traits aren't really present in the book. At the same time though, it's not nothing. Extreme loyalty can be an interesting personality trait and I've seen it be worked into fully fleshed out characters before but in isolation, it feels like a starting point that still needs some work. The one thing I can say was actively bad throughout the story though was that I never felt pulled in to the story. My engagement was always at the level of barely interested in what was happening. I can't really pin it on anything definite because the pacing seemed fine but that's a pretty significant if ephemeral downside.
Now, I may not have liked it but that doesn't mean the book is without good qualities. In fact there are more than a few admirable things here. Lawrence has made the choice to make his cast almost entirely female which is great and I certainly didn't detect any "Men Writing Women" moments (which was especially nice coming on the heels of Lightbringer). The setting is unique and blending science fiction and fantasy elements is still something that's not done as often as it could be. There are also moments when the prose is quite good and, even though I remember liking Prince of Thorns quite a bit better than I liked this book, it is obvious that the general quality of the words on the page has improved in this series. Some of the action scenes are also quite gripping. I can see a lot of potential here, I'm just not sure it's being used properly.
So...I don't know. I'm not sure whether to call it good or bad but I was bored reading it and the elements that were most unique were also the ones that felt the most superficial. Maybe future entries improve on one I've read here but so far this is a story with lots of potential that's just underbaked.
23. The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman, Book 1 of His Dark Materials (18 on the 2019 list)
Lyra Belacqua lives her life as something of an orphan at Jordan College in Oxford. Though she gets occasional visits from Lord Asriel, her uncle, and she has her shapeshifting daemon Pantalaimon for company, her life is mostly dull. That is until Asriel unearths an incredible discovery: a city hidden in the northern lights. He believes this there may be a way to travel to this city, a parallel dimension, and his quest will unexpectedly propel Lyra into an adventure of her own following in his footsteps. But the Magisterium, the all powerful church of Lyra's world, considers multiverse theory a heresy and their agents will be working to prevent Asriel from reaching his goal.
The Golden Compass is a fun adventure story that pulls you in immediately with great characters, an engaging world, and a world-spanning quest to rescue Lyra's best friend. The church-dominated alternate early industrial earth filled with airships and witches and most importantly armored polar bears, is such a unique hodge podge of seemingly unrelated ideas that it's hard not to get intrigued by the out in the weeds wackiness that such a description may seem to imply. However, the novel stays grounded by focusing solely on Lyra and her personal struggle that is about as emotionally direct and stripped of bells and whistles as anyone could conceive. Even if the weirdness of the world is not for you, it's incredibly easy to buy into Lyra as a character and sympathize with her plight of being a child at the mercy of forces that are beyond her comprehension not because they're magical, but because it's an adult world that she is actively being shielded from. This all builds into a series-arching theme about growing up and entering adult life in a pretty classic coming of age arc that distinguishes itself by focusing so much on how adults try to shield children from the bad parts of life in such a way that it often hurts children more than helps them.
On the other hand, the adventure part of this story does take a little while to take off (several chapters are spent on Lyra being raised in a college and it isn't until a third of the way through that the real story kicks in and her globe-spanning travels begin). The novel can also be a bit preachy. Pullman makes no secret of his anti-church views and pretty much every villain is connected to the church in some way with every clergy member being treated as not exactly good people. It's not that a message about the perils of organized religion often failing to live up to the stated ideals of said religions is bad or anything, but Pullman could have afforded to treat the subject with a bit more nuance. Not every clergy member needed to be irredeemable for the whole organization to still be indicted by the actions of its leaders. And the last flaw is that Lyra can overshadowed by her traveling companions who have a bit more personality than her in this first entry. She grows a lot in the following books to the point that she carries the story well but in this first entry it can be easy to get distracted by fascinating secondary characters like Serafina Pekkala, the queen of the witches, and Iorek Byrnison, the exiled king of the panserbjorn (armored polar bears). Even characters who aren't royalty, such as Lee Scoresby, the hot air balloonist, can be scene stealers. But like I said, this is a flaw that is improved upon as the series progresses.
Summary: it's a great adventure story that can suck you in with ease and is incredibly engaging by the end. Plus: polar bears with incredible armor. What's not to love?
21. Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan, Book 1 of the Powder Mage trilogy (28 on the 2019 list)
The field marshal Tamas has overthrown the monarchy of Adro and installed a republic. As part of his thorough purge of the loyalist forces who upheld the old monarchy, he wiped out the royal mages known as Privileged each of whom delivered the same warning that Kresimir's Promise should not be broken. Tamas employs the investigator Adamat to uncover what exactly the promise is and entrusts his son, Taniel, a powerful powder mage who derives his magical power from gunpowder, with hunting down the last royal mage to survive the purge.
When I first joined Fantasy, this book had just been released and I was just getting back into reading fantasy. As such, this is one of the first newer fantasy novels I ever read and it helped reignite my love for reading fantasy. There are quite a few things that make it well worth a read but the first and foremost is that Field Marshal Tamas is just a compelling and unique character who would probably be the villain in most other fantasy stories. The novel does not shirk away from the fact that revolutionaries make deeply compromised choices to achieve their ends and it shows how Tamas is both a traitor and backstabber for having instigated this coup against his former king and friend even if he had good reasons for doing so. The eventual Adran Republic is perhaps worth it but Tamas still wrestles with the shitty things he did even if it led somewhere good. The setting and world are also fairly unique. It may be hard to see it as such now that flintlock fantasy is a fairly established genre but at the time of release, it was pretty much just this and Django Wexler and it felt like a breath of fresh air to see authors breaking out of the medieval setting that is by far the most popular era to write epic fantasy in. And the updated setting is matched with updated theming as the novel tackles revolutions, the nature of democracy, how established forms of government fear rival nations that embrace new forms of government that are viewed as untested. Watching this new government struggle to hold itself together as the largest kingdom in the world barrels down to destroy it before its revolutionary spirit can overthrow other kingdoms can be pretty exhilarating.
The downsides are numerous. I think Adamat is both a weak character and I think his side plot is largely extraneous to the story even if it does fold back into the main narrative by the end. I've mentioned before that I find investigator characters and plot really dull in fantasy books and Adamat feels like a good ur-example of how they can often fail: the investigation just isn't that interesting, it ultimately has little effect on the plot, and without a full understanding of the world around the investigator it can be hard to appreciate the meaningfulness of clues as they are dropped. Taniel is a bit of a harder character to dissect because he's better realized but he's also kind of a pain to read because his insecurity at being the son of the most famous general in Adro often comes across as being a bit whiny. I think it's believable that a famous father would wind up having a son who wound up being so insecure but it's portrayed in a way that's more irritating to read than interesting. The magic system also feels a little underdeveloped in retrospect. The magic of Powder Mage is essentially split into traditional mages (the Privileged), mages whose power comes from and affects gun powder (powder mages), and people with weird quirks (the Knacked) who all share only the ability to sense when magic is being used. It's not the most thoughtful update on magic systems but the plus side is that the relative simplicity of the system makes it easy to grasp and follow fairly quickly even if it's' not all that innovative.
So it's definitely not as good as I thought it was when I first read it but it's still an interesting story with at least one great character. I think that's enough to give it a soft recommend even if it's rather uneven and not for everyone.
And that's it for this month! Be sure to check back same time next month. As always, feel free to comment with your thoughts on any of these books and their respective series. Contrary opinions are especially welcome as I'd like to know what people saw in these series that I didn't.
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2020.09.13 21:24 Lingeringtouch I have trouble physically escalating with some girls. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm an attractive guy and I generally don't have issues with kino.

Just to get it out of the way I'm physically attractive. Good fashion sense, symmetric face, pronounced jawline, low bodyfat, but I'm not muscular. My face is a solid 7. Some girls give me compliments on my looks. I'm way above average in comparison to most guys, but can't compete with male models or buff dudes.
I have trouble escalating with some girls on second or third dates. I keep first dates short 30-90 minutes just to screen the girl for red flags and get acquainted with light kino. I try to escalate on second or third date.
On the dates most of the time we have light banter and I'm qualifying the girl. Sometimes I get shit tested, but I pass 95% of them with flying colors.
Most of the time girls are very open to touch and it's relatively easy to escalate and kiss them on second or third date. I use DiCarlo escalation ladder for kino and it has worked fine for me so far.
The issues start when there's just no opening for touch and I can't escalate no matter how I try.
Just to be clear I always try to socially calibrate and I don't force myself on another person when I notice that she's just not feeling it.
Recently I had almost exact same experience with 2 girls. I'm not sure how to proceed and improve. They are both slightly below me in looks department, nerdy jobs, a bit shy, most likely they are not promiscuous. Good families and manners. They both show IOIs, don't flake, respect me and my time.
I just got back from a third date with one of the girls and she initiated light touch herself right away at the start of the date, but I couldn't escalate at all. Restrained behavior, crossed arms 70% of the date etc. I passed every single one of her subtle shit tests and didn't get in her frame. To be honest I had a good time. At the end of the date she said that she enjoyed our time together and looks forward to seeing me again. But from physical standpoint she behaved almost like a nun. I don't understand. This happened a second date in a row and to be honest it's confusing.
I'm way more physical with my female coworkers and friends (but I don't date chicks from work I know the risks) and they always welcome it and reciprocate.
But with these two girls I can't even call their psysical behavior as platonic. It's like we're almost two complete strangers.
Do you guys have any tips how I can improve? Nexting is not an option, because I want to see were it goes and I want to improve on my mistakes.
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2020.09.12 16:38 pizzanini_ 22 [F4M] Tinatamad ako mag-Bumble HAHA so...

Honestly just wanna get on online dating apps because i wanna meet new people that dont necessarily lead to romantic connections (pero kung makaswerte......) but mAn nakikita ko nang ang daming oras kakainin nun sa araw ko. Pero naghahanap lang din ng bagong kausap, bagong boses, bagong pananaw.
Alam ko rin F4M linagay ko, mostly because para mala-dating app kunwari HAHA but im open to any sex and gender kung g ka!
Quick summary: head usually full of words and music, usually consuming water or coffee and recently hopia HAHA, funemployed kaya busy-busyhan, naglalaro ng Among Us, birthday ng tatay ko bukas kaya wag masyado mag-expect ng immediate replies tomorrow 😂
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2020.09.12 16:03 Meforeverandever Chat with a creep online

I’m on mobile. English is my third language. And I tried to format this chat from my language to English the best I could.
I’ve been a single mom for about a year now and I was curious to check out internet dating for the first time in 15years. But dear lord...
First I matched with this buff looking guy that looked ok. I chatted a bit but didn’t give too much info about myself to start with. He just wanted my first name and where I live, but it’s such a generic name in my country and my small town, that I didn’t think anything of it and gave (only) my first name.
Then it went a couple days. I didn’t go to the internet dating site as I was busy and just not feeling it.
Suddenly I get a message on Facebook messenger.
(H: Him, M: Me)
H: - Hi OP!
M: -Uh, hi. Do we know each other by any chance? (He has only a pic of ufc fighters as a profile pic and his name didn’t ring a bell. Just noticed we had a couple friends in common on FB).
H: - It’s me. From the dating site. This is my phone number xxx-xxxxxxx we can talk that way.
M: - Oh, well hi again. How did you find me? (Confused and really not into talking with this stranger who suddenly stalks me on messenger)
H: - I’m crafty. ;-) I love that you love my looks! (He said I looked good before and I replied that he seems nice. Never said I loved how he looked)
M: - In case you want me to add you to my friend list I have to say I’m sorry but I won’t take new people there that I haven’t at least met irl.
H: - Yeah, but can we talk on the phone?
M: - I can’t. I’m sick, my voice is nonexistent right now and my asthma pipe is my best friend.
H: - What did you mean when your profile said you are a bigger woman?
M: - That I’m overweight due to my medication. I’m 156cm and 115kg.
H: - Do you want to know a secret?
M: - um, well why not.
H: - I love really curvy women.
M: - Well I have a few too many, lol!
H: - Do you have like big thighs, big butt and wide hips?
H: - OP!
H: - Hey OP!
M: - Sorry, my kids came from school. I have to go help them with their homework.
H: - Can you send me a few pics?
I didn’t want to so I claimed I just transferred my photos into a computer and I haven’t got any right now. He didn’t like that and we went on for a while because he wanted photos and I didn’t want to send. My intuition said something was up.
H: - Well I don’t use my phone at all for dating purposes. But can you at least tell me what you looks like? Do you have big boobs?
M: - It’s sounds to me like you are more interested in my looks then who I am or what kind of person I am.
H: - Well you got to start somewhere. (Send a pic of him in only his boxers and socks)
H: - Are you divorced? If so for how long?
M: - Yeah, got roughly a year ago.
H: - Have you had any in intimate company since then?
M: - Uh, no.
H: - Well I don’t blame you for looking for company.
I explained that I have nerve damage and severe nerve pain and have trouble moving around. I explained that I’m not looking for sex, but trying my foot to see what kind of people there is on the site. Nothing more at this point.
H: - Well what are you looking for a man for then?
M: - A life partner. I’m not after a nurse if that’s what your suggesting.
H: - Well how can you be with a partner if you’re sick.
M: - As I said. I’m just looking if there is someone out there for me. I’m not looking for a hookup.
H- You interested in something else? You’ll probably not find life company but a good date.
M - I’m not looking for that and if I don’t find a life partner then I’ll be alone.
H: - Some women say they are looking for a life partner but they want sex. And don’t admit to it.
M - I’m not one of those women.
H: - if you someday become my wife. Can you keep me satisfied?
M: - It’s hard to say if I can make you satisfied as a wife as I’ve chatted to you only a couple of times. And it sounds to me you’re more looking for sex then for anything else. And as I said. I’m not interested in a hookup.
H: - Aren’t you sexual in nature at all? If you’re in a relationship with someone and that person isn’t into sex then you have to find sex from someone else.
M: - Dear lord. (Starting to get really frustrated) First comes meeting someone a few times and a relationship and seeing if there’s chemistry between the two people. After that its time to see if you work together in bed too.
H: - Yeah but can you keep me satisfied? Why did your guy dump you?
M: - That has nothing to do with this.
H: - I’m really into you. We can be buddies. ;-)
M: - You seem to have some weird focus on sex.
H: - What do you mean focus? I did say we can be buddies.
M: - There are other topics in the world to talk about other then sex.
H: - I’m not interested in a nun.
I had enough and I blocked him.
Is internet dating really like this?? 😅
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